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Withings raises the bar with ScanWatch Nova – health tech meets luxury

Withings has just introduced the ScanWatch Nova, a sophisticated addition to their lineup that marries the advanced technology of the ScanWatch 2 with a sleek, premium diver-style design. This latest model joins its predecessor in being among the most feature-rich hybrid watches available today.

Such devices cater to a specific audience. They are for those who appreciate the classic look and feel of a traditional watch but don’t want to miss out on the health and connectivity features of a smartwatch. The ScanWatch Nova, with its diver-style luxury design, is likely to attract a clientele that values both style and substance. It’s a great match for those who want a sophisticated timepiece that doesn’t compromise on health-tracking capabilities.

This latest timepiece is essentially a revamped version of the ScanWatch Horizon, but fused with the latest smarts. To remind, that device launched back in 2022 in Europe and sold out just a few days following its launch.

ScanWatch Nova

Exploring the elegance and innovation of ScanWatch Nova

The ScanWatch Nova offers a range of advanced features including an on-demand electrocardiogram, SpO2 monitoring, and continuous body temperature tracking. The last on this list made its debut with the ScanWatch 2. The innovative TempTech24/7 technology integrates miniaturized heat flux sensors and a high-accuracy temperature sensor, complemented by heart rate and accelerometer calibrations, to provide body temperature variation assessments. It can be used to indicate the onset of an illness or to monitor recovery through workout temperature variation zones.

These features are particularly appealing to health-conscious individuals, athletes, and anyone interested in a deeper understanding of their physical well-being. Moreover, the ScanWatch Nova’s ability to track sleep quality and provide insights for improvement is a boon for those striving for a balanced lifestyle. Its advanced activity tracking and fitness level assessments through VO2 Max estimation make it an ideal companion for those serious about their fitness pursuits.

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But it is the luxurious diver watch aesthetics of the ScanWatch Nova that really set it apart. Its design, featuring a ceramic and stainless-steel rotating bezel, full Luminova hollow watch hands, and a sunray dial, speaks to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its making. The laser-engraved markings on the sides incorporate the standard codes of diving practice. Like ScanWatch 2, the 10 ATM-rated device packs an OLED high-resolution grayscale screen and a customizable dial below.

All of this attention to detail extends to its functionality, with a phenomenal 30-day battery life and a user-friendly interface. Two hours is what is needed to top up from zero to full.

ScanWatch Nova
ScanWatch Nova

As we anticipate the release of our ScanWatch 2 review in the coming days, it’s worth noting how Withings continues to push the boundaries of what a hybrid watch can be. The ScanWatch Nova is a symbol of the increasingly seamless integration of health technology into our daily lives. But with a sophisticated twist.

Scanwatch Nova: Price & availability

Priced at £549.95 in the UK, the ScanWatch Nova is available for purchase from today on Withings’ official website. Just in time for Christmas shopping as the device might make a nice gift for someone. This pricing positions the ScanWatch Nova as a premium option in the hybrid watch market. For those who prefer to shop in person or seek a hands-on experience before buying, the watch will also be available at retail partners from February 1st, 2024.

You can choose between three colour options – blue, green, and black. The watch comes with an oyster bracelet that tapers from 20 mm to 18 mm, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for a range of wrist sizes.

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