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Fitbit and Apple Health sync up for easier data integration

Fitbit is advancing its user experience by introducing a feature that allows for direct data syncing with Apple Health. This move marks a significant shift from the company’s earlier approach, which left users dependent on third-party apps for integration with Apple’s health ecosystem.

The Era of third-party dependence

For years, Fitbit users who wanted to sync their health data with Apple Health faced a complex and often frustrating process. They had to use third-party apps like Sync Solver for Fitbit and Health Sync for Fitbit, which were functional but not ideal. This method was cumbersome, sometimes leading to inconsistent data transfer and privacy concerns. It was more of a band-aid solution than a seamless integration.

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Fitbit, known for its comprehensive health tracking system, remained separate from Apple’s Health application due to this reliance on third-party apps. This separation meant users couldn’t fully leverage the potential synergies of a more integrated approach. The process involved additional costs and the inconvenience of managing multiple apps, along with limitations in data granularity, especially in heart rate data. The cost of purchasing additional software added to the burden, making the entire experience less user-friendly and efficient.

A new dawn for Fitbit users

The good news is that the company has started rolling out an update that heralds a significant change. Users are now presented with an option in the Fitbit app to establish a direct connection with Apple Health. The company has not said anything official just yet, but some users have noticed the new feature in the Fitbit smartphone app.

This shift seems to be a strategic move by the company to integrate more closely with broader tech ecosystems. The update could be a precursor to a more extensive collaboration between Fitbit and Apple Health, potentially leading to a more integrated health tracking experience.

Fitbit Apple Health sync

Not quite there yet

It’s crucial to understand that the latest update from Fitbit doesn’t yet offer full integration with Apple Health. Currently, the feature allows for transferring data from Apple Health to Fitbit, specifically steps, but not the other way around. And steps are the only data that you can link up.

Which means that for a more comprehensive sync, users still need to use third-party apps to transfer Fitbit data into Apple Health. This situation highlights Fitbit’s ongoing efforts towards greater openness and integration, but it also shows that the path to a fully integrated system is still being developed.

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Fitbit users should keep an eye out for this update, which is rolling out and may already be available to some. As indicated in the screenshot above, the settings for this feature can be adjusted in the app under Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > Fitbit.

This update doesn’t achieve the complete sync integration that many users are eagerly awaiting. But it represents an important initial step in Fitbit playing nice with Apple Health.

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