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Wear OS 3 update ushers in a new era for Mobvoi TicWatch E3

The rollout of Wear OS 3 to TicWatch E3 has started today, marking a significant step in its evolution. The new version of the operating system, eagerly anticipated by users, promises to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the device.

Background: The Journey to Wear OS 3

Mobvoi, the company behind TicWatch, has been preparing for the Wear OS 3 update for its older watches, including the TicWatch Pro 3 series and TicWatch E3 for a while now. The update process, which began with a beta program in June, is a response to user feedback and the need for software refinement. This proactive approach allowed users to test the new software, providing valuable insights to Mobvoi. The company acknowledges the challenges and delays in rolling out this update but assures that these have been successfully overcome. The full implementation of Wear OS 3 across Mobvoi’s product line is expected to be completed in early 2024.

The phased rollout of the Wear OS 3 update for the TicWatch E3 commences today, with a gradual increase in deployment in the coming days:

  • 10% of users on January 19
  • 30% on January 23
  • 50% on January 24
  • 100% by January 25

Gradual rollout are a normal thing. The staggered update process ensures all the bugs are ironed out before full deployment.

Ticwatch E3 WearOS 3

Guidance for Updating to Wear OS 3

Mobvoi provides detailed instructions for updating to Wear OS 3 on its website. Users are advised to check their watch’s build number and phone compatibility before proceeding. The update necessitates a factory reset, meaning all non-Tic third-party apps and data will be erased. However, data from TicHealth, TicSleep, and TicExercise will be securely stored and synchronized with the new companion app within a week after the update.

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The update process involves downloading and installing the update patch, unpairing the watch from the phone, and deleting the current Mobvoi app. Android users will need to download the Mobvoi Health app, while iOS users should download the Health Copilot app for pairing with the updated watch.

You can find the full instructions on how to update on Mobvoi’s website.

Implications and features

It is worth nothing, the transition to Wear OS 3 brings changes in app availability and features. Some in-house developed software, like Mobvoi Voicememo and TicHearing, will not be available post-update. Also, Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Wallet (for iOS users), will not be available post-update. So that’s something to keep in mind.

One of the most notable enhancements is the improved battery life management. Users should be allowed to enjoy longer periods of use without the need for frequent charging. The user interface in Wear OS 3 has also been redesigned for better navigation and accessibility. And there are some upgraded health and fitness tracking features. While the installation process requires careful attention to instructions, the anticipated improvements make it a worthwhile endeavor for TicWatch users.

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One thought on “Wear OS 3 update ushers in a new era for Mobvoi TicWatch E3

  • Finally. Only more than 2 years late and with reduced functionality. Google Assistant has been disabled and will no longer work. Nothing like having functionality that you originally paid for removed. People in EU and Australia should be requesting refunds and/or suing Mobvoi since their consumer protection laws prevent device manufacturers from removing functionality from a product after it is purchased.

    Don’t ever buy a Mobvoi product. I know I never will.


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