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Garmin Venu 3 Beta adds male audio, jump rope – but pauses ECG

Garmin is rolling out a new Beta update, version 9.18, for its Venu 3 smartwatch. This software refresh introduces a jump rope activity tracker and male voice audio prompts. It also addresses issues related to music playback and battery life. However, it’s important to note that this Beta release will temporarily disable the ECG app functionality.

Garmin Venu 3 Beta update: What’s new?

Jump rope activity added: Fitness buffs can now track their jump rope sessions directly on their Garmin Venu 3. This addition broadens the scope of workout activities the device can monitor, making it a more versatile fitness companion.

Male audio prompts: In a move to diversify user experience, Garmin has introduced male voice audio prompts. This feature requires users to download new audio files to access the male voice option, offering a personalized touch to audio feedback during workouts or navigation.

Music playback fix: Addressing a common user concern, this update resolves an unexpected issue where music would start playing randomly, ensuring a smoother and more predictable listening experience.

Battery drain fix: Garmin has also tackled a critical issue where turning off the wrist heart rate feature led to higher battery consumption. This fix aims to enhance battery longevity, particularly benefiting users who prefer to disable heart rate monitoring.

Golf activity scoring fix: For golf enthusiasts, a bug that turned off scoring when changing settings mid-activity has been rectified, ensuring uninterrupted tracking of your game.

Process for Garmin Venu 3 Beta Update

  1. Join the Garmin Beta Program: If you haven’t already, join the Garmin Beta Program. This can be done through the Garmin website.
  2. Download the update: As this is an early Beta update, you’ll need to manually initiate the installation from your watch. This can be done by going to the settings page on the watch and navigating to the software screen. Later on in the quarterly release cycle, these types of updates will be installed automatically to your watch.
  3. Install the update: Follow the on-screen instructions on your Garmin Venu 3 to complete the installation.
  4. Restart your device: After the installation, it’s a good practice to restart your device to ensure the update is properly applied. This will, most likely, happen automatically.

Temporary disabling of ECG App

Users should be aware that the ECG app will not be available in these early Beta updates. This temporary measure is due to the stringent testing and validation processes required for ECG functionality to ensure accuracy and safety. For a detailed explanation, refer to the comprehensive article on the subject here.

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