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Polar Grit X Pro 2: Anticipated release date, tech innovations & design

The anticipation for the Polar Grit X Pro 2 is building, especially as the last iteration in the series, the Polar Grit X Pro, set a high bar for rugged, outdoor multi-sport watches. Released over two years ago, the Grit X Pro was lauded for its durable build, military-grade certification, and innovative features tailored for the adventurous spirit.

With no leaks and few rumours to feed the speculation, the tech community is left to wonder what Polar has in store for the next generation. Given the typical lifecycle of tech products and the advancements in wearable technology, it’s logical to expect that the successor to the Grit X Pro could be on the horizon.

Polar Grit X Pro 2: Possible design and tech specs

The Polar Grit X Pro, an incremental upgrade from its predecessor, showcases a design that is both rugged and refined. The watch is built to military-grade standards, ensuring it can withstand extreme temperatures and environments. This durability is achieved through a high-strength stainless steel case and a glass fibre reinforced polymer back cover. Despite its robust build, the Grit X Pro remains remarkably lightweight, weighing just 64 grams. This combination of toughness and lightness makes it an ideal companion for those who engage in demanding outdoor activities.

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In terms of aesthetics, the Grit X Pro maintains a balance between functionality and style. It retains the same 1.2-inch display as its predecessor. But it is now fortified with Sapphire glass for enhanced durability, particularly beneficial for outdoor use.

The Grit X Pro is available in a variety of color options. This includes copper, gold, and black, allowing users to choose a look that best suits their personal style. Additionally, there’s a more premium variant, the Grit X Pro Titan. It features an ultra-strength, aerospace-grade titanium case, reducing the weight by 12%. There’s also an extra perforated leather band, adding a touch of elegance to its rugged design.

Of course, not everything is as perfect as it sounds. There are a few areas that could be potentially improved.

Responsiveness of the touchscreen

One of the primary areas for enhancement is the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The touchscreen can be unresponsive, and operations, including critical workout functions, can exhibit lag. This is particularly evident when pressing the lap button during workouts. It has a noticeable delay can disrupt the flow of exercise and affect performance tracking. To address this, implementing a more responsive touchscreen technology could provide a smoother and more reliable user interaction. This would ensure that commands are registered promptly and accurately.

Screen visibility

Screen visibility is another aspect that requires attention. The current display is considered average in terms of clarity. It may not suffice in varying lighting conditions, especially in outdoor settings where direct sunlight or dim light can obscure the screen.

Enhancing the display with higher brightness levels, anti-glare coatings, or adopting different display technology could significantly improve visibility. Such improvements would ensure that the screen remains legible in all lighting conditions, from the bright glare of sunlight to the low light of dawn or dusk, thereby enhancing the overall usability of the watch.

Lack os smaller size options

The lack of smaller size options is a limitation for users with smaller wrists. Introducing a range of sizes could cater to a broader audience, ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. This would not only improve wearability but also broaden the appeal of the Grit X Pro to a more diverse user base. Women and younger athletes who might find the current size too bulky or unwieldy for their preferences.

Strap material and comfort

Lastly, the strap and button design could be refined to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. The current button grip material and the shift to silver buttons may not resonate with all users. Offering a variety of button styles and materials, such as matte finishes or textured grips, could improve the tactile response and make the device more intuitive to use, especially in rigorous activities or when wearing gloves.

Polar Grit X Pro
Image source: Polar

Polar Grit X Pro 2: Functionality we expect, would like to see

The current iteration of the Polar Grit X Pro offers a robust set of features. It includes a variety of sports profiles, GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and new software features like sunrise/sunset dashboards and improved navigation tools. However, it primarily serves as an incremental upgrade over its predecessor.

Looking ahead to potential improvements for the Grit X Pro 2, several key areas emerge:

Sensor compatibility and ANT+ support

The current model has faced challenges in pairing with certain Bluetooth Smart cycling power meters and other sensors. Incorporating ANT+ support in the Grit X Pro 2 would significantly expand its compatibility with a wider range of sensors and gym equipment, making it a more versatile tool for cyclists and fitness buffs.

Music storage capability

Unlike some of its competitors, the Grit X Pro lacks internal music storage. It offers only control for music on a connected phone. Introducing onboard music storage in the Grit X Pro 2 would be a valuable feature for those who prefer to exercise without carrying their phone.

NFC payments

The addition of NFC payment capability would transform the Grit X Pro 2 into a more comprehensive wearable solution, allowing for contactless payments and enhancing its convenience for everyday use.

Battery life optimization

The Grit X Pro boasts up to 100 hours in its longest GPS mode. However, the more commonly used standard GPS mode offers around 40 hours. Improving the battery efficiency in standard modes would be a significant upgrade. It would ensure that users can rely on the watch for extended periods without frequent recharging.

Introduction of new features

To stand out in a competitive market, the Grit X Pro 2 could benefit from introducing features not found in other Polar watches. This could include advanced health monitoring tools, unique sports profiles, or innovative navigation features.

There’s even speculation about the possibility of the Grit X Pro 2 running on WearOS. This could open up a plethora of new functionalities, including access to a wide range of apps, better integration with smartphones, and enhanced user interface options.

Image source: Polar
Image source: Polar

Polar Grit X Pro 2: Potential release date, price

Considering the release pattern of the Polar Grit X in September 2020 and the Grit X Pro in October 2021, it is somewhat surprising that we have not yet seen the successor to the Polar Grit X Pro as of early 2024. Typically, with annual or biennial release cycles common in the tech industry, one might have expected the Polar Grit X Pro 2 to be announced or even released by now. The delay in the release, while surprising, could also indicate that Polar is investing additional time in developing new features or refining existing ones to ensure the Grit X Pro 2 stands out.

Given this timeline, a launch in the spring or early summer of 2024 could be a strategic move for Polar. This period aligns well with the onset of outdoor activity seasons in many regions. It is a time often marked by heightened consumer interest in fitness and outdoor gear.

For the upcoming Polar Grit X Pro 2, a pricing strategy slightly lower than the current version’s $529 could broaden its appeal. This approach would maintain its position in the high-end market while attracting a wider customer base seeking premium features at a more accessible price point.

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