Samsung Galaxy Fit3

Samsung posts details of Galaxy Fit3 on its own website

There is a new leak of Samsung’s Galaxy Fit3 on one of its regional websites which provides a sneak peek into the company’s upcoming fitness band. This inadvertent reveal offers a clearer picture of what we can expect from this new device, aligning with and expanding upon earlier speculations.

Leaked images and design insights

The leaked images showcase the Galaxy Fit3’s sport band, an integral part of the device’s appeal. It will be available in dark green and orange. These bands are crafted from a flexible, soft flour rubber, prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style.

The design is both practical and user-friendly, with a Quick Release Button that allows for effortless swapping of bands. A simple push of the button activates this feature. This enables users to change their look in seconds with, as Samsung describes, a satisfying “cheery crackling” sound as the band securely locks into place. The dimensions of the band (lace with buckle, W x H x D) come in at 93 x 9.5 x 24mm.

Samsung Galaxy Fit3
Samsung Galaxy Fit3

Expected specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3

The full specifications of the Galaxy Fit3 are yet to be officially announced and there is no further info with this new leak. However, rumours are that it will pack a massive 1.61-inch display. This will mark a significant increase from its predecessor’s 1.1-inch screen. This larger display is expected to enhance user interaction, providing a clearer and more engaging interface. These new images on Samsung’s own website confirm the larger screen size.

Samsung Galaxy Fit3
Samsung Galaxy Fit3

Anticipated to tip the scales at just 21.39 grams, the fitness band’s lightweight aluminum body makes it a featherweight contender. Samsung will offer it in stylish Grey, Silver, and Pink Gold case options.

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The company has, reportedly, equipped the device with cutting-edge health and fitness tracking capabilities. Users can look forward to precise heart rate monitoring, comprehensive sleep analysis, and potentially new sensors designed to boost workout efficiency. According to our sources, a barometric altimeter is on this list along with SpO2 measurements.

Complementing this is an impressive battery life of 13 days on a single charge. This a feature that will undoubtedly appeal to users seeking a low-maintenance fitness tracker.

Samsung Galaxy Fit3
Samsung Galaxy Fit3

The release date could be just around the corner

The accidental leak suggests Samsung Galaxy Fit3 official unveil is imminent, potentially within days. We actually expected the fitness band to debut at CES 2024, but this didn’t pan out.

Tech aficionados are eagerly counting down to the release of the device. It seems the Galaxy Fit3 will build upon its predecessors’ successes, offering improvements in both functionality and design.

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