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Honor Band 9 bags Bluetooth SIG approval

The registration of the Honor Band 9 by Bluetooth SIG suggests a new development in Honor’s wearable lineup. The upcoming device is poised to land in two distinct versions.

Reflecting on the Honor Band 7’s legacy

The Honor Band 7, first introduced in China in 2022 and later in Europe the following summer, marked an iterative step in the evolution of Honor’s wearable technology. You could say it was a refinement, rather than an earth-shattering upgrade.

The Band 7 maintained beloved core features like the 1.47-inch AMOLED display and the impressive two-week battery life. However, it was the shift to a high-gloss metal case, moving away from the previous TPU material, that signified Honor’s move towards a more sophisticated and premium design ethos.

Honor Band 7
Honor Band 7

The promise of the Honor Band 9

The new Bluetooth SIG registration, featuring two versions of the Honor Band 9 labeled RH-B19 and RHE-B39, both equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, heralds the potential arrival of a new iteration in the lineup. This announcement, while limited in details, ignites speculation about the possible features and differences between these models. Notably, the inclusion of NFC in one of the versions is a strong possibility, aligning with the growing trend of incorporating this technology in wearable devices.

Honor Band 9 filing

At the moment this is the only regulatory filing that has surfaced. No doubt, similar filings will come from other bodies in the period ahead.

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The decision to bypass the Honor Band 8 raises questions and theories. It appears to be a strategic move, possibly to align with Huawei’s product numbering, as they have already launched their 8th version of the Huawei Band. This decision may be indicative of the enduring influence of the historical connection between Honor and Huawei. Despite their corporate separation in 2020, the brands’ shared design philosophy and technological heritage continue to echo in their product lines.

Plus, there’s no hiding the fact that Huawei Band 8 and Honor Band 7 are pretty much identical. Both in design and features.

Speculation and anticipation

As it stands, the Honor Band 9 remains shrouded in speculation. Its specific features, design elements, and overall functionality are yet to be unveiled. Drawing from Honor’s history of balancing aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, the Band 9 is anticipated to follow in the same vein.

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks and months ahead, as more details about Honor Band 9 come to light. Most likely, there will be a China reveal, followed by an international launch a few months after.

We will report back as and when we hear more.

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