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Tight clothing & an iPhone – the new essentials for ZOZOFIT body scanning

iPhone users now have the opportunity to utilize ZOZOFIT’s body scanning technology through a monthly subscription, requiring only their own tight-fitting clothing for measurements and an iPhone.

In our hands-on review of the ZOZOSUIT, we detailed its innovative approach to capturing body measurements through a specialized suit embedded with hundreds of fiducial markers. This technology, when paired with the ZOZOFIT app, creates an accurate 3D model of the user’s body, allowing for highly precise measurements. The suit’s design facilitates an intricate mapping of body dimensions, crucial for tracking fitness progress or obtaining custom-fitted clothing.

Zozosuit review

Despite its technological prowess, the necessity of wearing a specific suit for measurements introduced a practical barrier. This has prompted the company to search for more accessible solutions.

Introducing equipment-free scanning

ZOZOFIT’s latest venture into equipment-free scanning emerges as a solution to the limitations posed by the ZOZOSUIT. By leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning technology, ZOZOFIT has developed a subscription-based service that allows users to obtain body measurements using just their smartphone and tight-fitting clothing. This service eliminates the need for any specialized equipment, making body scanning more accessible to a wider audience.

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The technology behind this equipment-free scanning experience is both sophisticated and user-friendly. Utilizing the front-facing camera of a smartphone, the app captures the user’s body in tight-fitting clothing. Then, through a combination of deep learning algorithms and 3D meshing techniques, it calculates precise body measurements. This process not only simplifies the measurement-taking procedure but also ensures that users can track their fitness progress anytime, anywhere.

Benefits and Accessibility

A significant advantage of ZOZOFIT’s equipment-free scanning is its accessibility. Users no longer need to wait for a physical suit to arrive; instead, they can start tracking their fitness journey immediately.

ZOZOFIT says it is continuing with its strong commitment to accuracy and quality. The development team has conducted extensive testing to ensure that the equipment-free measurements are as reliable as those taken with the ZOZOSUIT.

By eliminating the need for the ZOZOSUIT, the app leverages the power of smartphones to offer precise body measurements instantly. This service is available through a subscription model, which includes options for monthly or three-month plans, catering to various user commitments.

For those eager to explore this technology, ZOZOFIT provides a seven-day free trial, allowing users to experience the convenience and accuracy of equipment-free scanning firsthand. For now the app is only available for those with an iPhone. The ZOZOSUIT continues to be available for both iOS and Android users.

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