Baseline Vision joins In/Out: More line-calling options for amateur tennis

Minimize line-calling disputes! Baseline Vision has joined In/Out, bringing tech that provides line calls and valuable match insights for amateur tennis.

Wearable technology continues to make inroads into the sports world, with tennis becoming a target for innovation. Baseline Vision, a recent release, introduces a portable camera system harnessing AI to provide affordable and practical line-calling assistance for competitive and casual tennis players alike.

How Baseline Vision works

Unlike traditional pro-level systems, Baseline Vision eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure. Utilizing two cameras to track and analyze on-court action, it delivers a comprehensive overview of your performance. The system pinpoints stroke placement, speed, and whether shots are in or out, delivering insights previously reserved for pro athletes directly to your smartphone.

Baseline Vision
Baseline Vision

Setup is hassle-free, requiring no major court modifications. The device attaches to any net post in seconds and pairs with a mobile app using a simple QR code scan.

Beyond automatic line calling, Baseline Vision transforms practice sessions. This includes gamified drills, performance tracking, and video replays, making your tennis experience more engaging and fuelling your improvement.

In/Out: The line-calling competitor

But this is not the only such device out there. In/Out offers an impressive suite of features beyond its core ability to determine line calls, making it a strong contender against Baseline Vision.

The device, now in its fourth generation, not only offers similar line-calling capabilities. It also offers features such as video replay and shot placement statistics. This functionality provides players with a comprehensive overview of their game, allowing for a analysis of their performance. The video replay feature, in particular, is invaluable for players looking to refine their technique, offering a split-screen view of the action from both sides of the court in 1080p resolution.

Moreover, In/Out’s latest version has significantly ramped up its accuracy, claiming a 200% improvement over previous iterations. The addition of an extra camera not only broadens the recording angle, capturing more of the court in detail, but also introduces a new dimension to game analysis, mimicking the wide-angle shots seen in professional broadcasts. Furthermore, In/Out’s versatility extends beyond tennis, with the device now supporting other racket sports such as pickleball and badminton.

Tennis gadgets and trackers to improve your game

A stark contrast emerges in pricing. It’s fair to say – In/Out offers a significant cost advantage with its Net Device starting at $350, suitable for practice matches, video recording, and statistics analysis. For comprehensive line-calling functionality, two additional Line Devices are recommended at $100 each for a grand total of $550. Baseline Vision, with its singular camera unit, typically involves an investment of roughly $2,000.

Tech: Leveling the tennis playing field

The proliferation of devices like Baseline Vision and In/Out highlights the evolving equipment landscape in tennis. Once inaccessible outside of the professional sphere, this technology brings valuable training and analysis tools within reach of committed amateur players. For competitive settings, it reduces disputes and promotes a more enjoyable overall match experience. This ongoing trend signifies that cutting-edge wearable and sensor-based solutions will have a profound impact on how we train, play, and experience the sport across all levels.

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