Beyond traditional tracking: The innovative approach of Fitrus Plus 3.0

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The Fitrus Plus 3.0 emerges as an all-in one health tracking device, similar to the Withings BeamO. Its emphasis on portability and potential affordability through crowdfunding may offer a distinct appeal for users seeking a compact and budget-conscious health monitoring solution.

What is the Fitrus Plus 3.0?

The Fitrus Plus 3.0 draws a fascinating parallel to the iconic medical tricorder seen in the Star Trek universe. Much like the tricorder, which was used by Starfleet personnel to diagnose ailments and collect bodily information from a distance, the device offers a non-invasive way to gather comprehensive health data.

This gizmo measures a variety of vital parameters. This includes body temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation, surface temperature, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate and water retention. With its ability to offer a detailed breakdown of body composition metrics, the Fitrus Plus 3.0 brings the precision of InBody body composition analysis—commonly seen in gyms—into the hands of the user.

The device introduces several hardware improvements over the second generation device. A notable upgrade is the larger 1.3 inch OLED display. It allows for immediate confirmation of results in a clear and accessible manner. The introduction of USB Type-C charging and an extended battery life of approximately three weeks ensures that users can enjoy continuous health tracking without frequent interruptions. Plus there’s improved accuracy.

To use, simply hold the four electrodes with your thumbs and index fingers. Stretch your arms forward and wait until the results appear. It’s as simple as that.

The Fitrus Plus 3.0 works in conjunction with a dedicated app. It allows for further health tracking functions, such as protein, mineral, and swelling index, offers users a more comprehensive health analysis.

The software is there to transform raw data into meaningful recommendations that support your wellness goals. Whether your focus is on dietary adjustments, optimizing your exercise routine, or making positive lifestyle changes, the app provides tailored guidance and tracks your progress over time. This empowers you to make informed decisions that directly impact how you look and feel.

Moreover, the Fitrus Plus 3.0 adapts to the user’s changing body composition, suggesting exercises tailored to their unique body type. This dynamic approach ensures that the recommendations remain relevant and effective, helping users to manage their health proactively.

Safety and Convenience

As far as safety, the device employs an IR sensor to measure skin temperature without contact, allowing for hygienic use by multiple individuals. This feature extends beyond human temperature measurement, enabling the device to assess the temperature of various substances, such as bath water, making it a versatile tool in daily life.

An Evolution in Health Tracking

We could draw parallels to another cutting-edge device, the Withings Beamo. Both the Withings and Citrus prioritize contactless temperature measurement, heart rate tracking and blood oxygen monitoring. But there are differences in that the Withings device has the ability to take ECG, analyse heart and lung sounds. So the general idea is the same, but the tracked vitals metrics are not the same.

The Fitrus Plus 3.0 builds on the successful campaigns of its predecessors. If all goes well with production, a $150 payment will bring one of these to your doorstep in June 2024. This is 40% off the price it will sell for once it hits retail this summer.

We expect an increasing number of multi-modal devices to hit the market in the coming years. Personalized health monitoring allowing anyone to gain a deep understanding of their body is something that will become normal in the years to come.

Price: $149 and up

Funds raised: $55,289 out of $3,000 goal.

Estimated delivery: June 2024
35 days to go

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