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Flowtime Brain Tag: EEG sleep monitoring for unmatched insights

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Tired of feeling tired? Traditional sleep trackers can only tell you so much. However, an experienced team with a background in EEG analysis sought to redefine sleep monitoring – their solution is the Kickstarter-funded Flowtime Brain Tag.

Introducing Flowtime Brain Tag

Sleep is the cornerstone of health, yet traditional sleep trackers often fall short, offering only a superficial glimpse into our nocturnal patterns. Recognizing the gap, a team with a decade of expertise in EEG analysis embarked on a mission to redefine sleep tracking.

Unlike bulky sleep masks or uncomfortable headbands, the Flowtime Brain Tag introduces a comfortable, cutting-edge way to track your sleep. This is made possible through advanced sensors, taking sleep insights to the next level, all while rivaling the accuracy of expensive medical sleep studies (PSG). Weighing a mere 6 grams, the Brain Tag allows for all-night EEG monitoring from the comfort of your own bed.

Flowtime Brain Tag

What makes the Brain Tag special isn’t just tracking, but offering insights into unique sleep metrics like sleep spindles and micro-awakenings. It empowers users further with biofeedback training options (SMR, breathing, meditation) designed to improve overall sleep health and mental well-being.

Brain Tag: The ultimate sleep tracking device

This futuristic gadget packs five powerful sensors to dissect your sleep:

  • EEG: Titanium brainwave sensors offer unmatched accuracy and durability.
  • PPG & SpO2: Monitors heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
  • Temperature: Tracks fluctuations for insights into your sleep cycle and environment.
  • 6-Axis Accelerometer: Analyzes movement for a 3D look at sleep positions.

Why EEG matters: The gold standard of sleep

EEG is scientifically-validated for sleep research and clinical settings. Here’s what the Brain Tag can track that most wearables can’t:

  • Sleep Spindles: Bursts of brain activity crucial for memory, learning, and preventing sleep disruption.
  • K-Complex: Brainwaves that maintain stable, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Delta Waves: The hallmark of deep sleep, vital for recovery, immune function and learning.
Flowtime Brain Tag

More than just tracking

The Brain Tag goes beyond traditional metrics, offering a sleep score out of 100 that includes unique EEG-based insights. It helps users understand their sleep quality in depth and provides actionable feedback through SMR training, breathing exercises, and meditation for those struggling with sleep quality or onset.

Flowtime doesn’t just monitor; it actively improves your sleep and mental well-being:

  • Flowtime Sleep Library: A curated collection of audio content designed to ease you into sleep.
  • Daytime Brain Training: Enhance focus, memory, and sleep quality with biofeedback training.
  • AI-Powered Customization: Upcoming features include a customizable meditation and sleep story generator, and a personal AI assistant for insights and tips.
Flowtime Brain Tag

The Brain Tag’s utility extends beyond the bedroom. Features like SMR, breathing, and meditation biofeedback offer tools to improve mental focus and reduce stress. This makes it ideal for daytime training to indirectly promote better sleep hygiene, alertness, and cognitive function.

The Brain Tag’s design prioritizes comfort, with its feather-light build and secure, skin-friendly 3M™ tape. Its long battery life and easy charging ensure it’s always ready when you are, making it the ideal companion for both sleep tracking and meditation training.

Is Brain Tag the sleep revolution you’ve been waiting for?

If you’re serious about understanding and improving your sleep quality, the Brain Tag’s Kickstarter campaign could be the answer. Its combination of advanced EEG tracking, biofeedback training, and the promise of AI-powered insights make this an interesting wearable. Backing the crowdfunding campaign will cost you $208, which is about $100 off the price the wearable will sell for once it hits retail.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this is a Kickstarter campaign. Some features are still in development and may be subject to change. There is also no 100% guarantee you will receive the product as advertised. Having said that Flowtime does have one successful crowdfunding campaign under its belt.

Price: $208 and up

Funds raised: $3,456 out of $6,500 goal.

Estimated delivery: April 2024
44 days to go

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