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Which Garmin watches have ECG? The full list.

An ever-expanding list of Garmin watches supports the ECG app. This is country dependent, but there are workarounds. Notably, the app’s functionality hinges on regulatory approval, which varies by region, adding a layer of complexity for users worldwide. However, tech-savvy individuals have found methods to bypass these geographical restrictions, ensuring broader access to this vital health monitoring feature. Here’s everything you need to know.

Which Garmin Watches support the ECG app?

Best answer: The first Garmin watch with support for the ECG app was the Venu 2 Plus. It received approval for the feature back in January 2023. That is when the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) gave it the go-ahead. This opened the door for the company to sell devices with this feature in the United States. Since then a number of other Garmin watches have received this ability.

Here is the full list as it stands at the moment – along with the minimum software version you need to be running on your watch.

  • D2 Mach 1 Pro (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • еріх Pro (Gen 2) – Standard Edition | epix™ Pro (Gen 2) – Sapphire
  • Edition (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • Fenix 7 Pro – Solar Edition | fenix® 7 Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • fenix 7S Pro – Solar Edition | fenix® 7S Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • fenix 7X Pro – Solar Edition | fenix® 7X Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • quatix 7 Pro (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • tactix 7 – AMOLED Edition (software version 14.68 or newer)
  • Venu 2 Plus (software version 11.21 or newer)
  • Venu 3 | Venu® 3S (software version 7.07 or newer)

The feature is country dependent

Having one of these watches doesn’t guarantee access to the ECG app, as its availability is contingent on the country you’re in. The ECG feature requires Garmin to obtain clearance from each country or region’s regulatory authority before it can be offered. For example, European users currently face limitations in accessing this feature. As it stands, only users in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam can utilize ECG on their Garmin watches.

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As can be seen, this is a short list of countries. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a way around this. But it is not recommended by the manufacturer and doing so requires several steps that could be risky. Additionally, there is always a risk that using unauthorized methods to enable features on your device could damage it or void your warranty.

The steps involve changing your account location to the US, using a VPN and GPS location spoofer app, and turning off WiFi. Some users report needing to restart the watch after this process. You can read our full article on how to activate the ECG app in currently un-supported countries.

How to take an ECG on a Garmin watch – a quick recap

Garmin’s ECG app isn’t a medical replacement but offers insights into your heart rhythm. It takes a 30-second pulse scan to look for signs of atrial fibrillation. There are limitations: you must be over 22, still (no exercise or water), and away from strong electromagnetic fields.

Using the app is simple. Ensure your watch fits comfortably, open the app, and follow the instructions. Rest your arm on a table and touch the bezel with your thumb and forefinger. After 30 seconds, you’ll see your results. The app displays your heart rhythm status, including normal sinus rhythm, inconclusive results, high/low heart rate, or potential atrial fibrillation (which warrants a doctor’s visit). That’s all there is to it – check out our full guide.

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