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Samsung Galaxy AI: The smartwatch upgrade you didn’t know you needed

If you’ve ever looked at your smartwatch and wondered, “Okay, but what’s it REALLY going to do for me?”, Samsung might finally have an answer. Galaxy AI, a suite of artificial intelligence features, promises to make your smartwatch an essential tool for everyday life.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 series boasts impressive AI features under the Galaxy AI umbrella. The company isn’t stopping there – Samsung plans to bring Galaxy AI to older phones and even its wearables. This ambition was confirmed in a post by TM Roh, Samsung’s President & Head of MX Business, who outlined plans to optimize Galaxy AI for a wider range of devices and services.

“In the near future, the select Galaxy wearables will use AI to enhance digital health and unlock a whole new era of expanded intelligent health experiences. Samsung will keep enriching and expanding Galaxy AI experiences across categories through collaborations with more industry-leading AI partners,” Roh writes.

Dr TM Roth
Dr TM Roth | Image source: Samsung

AI coaches on your wrist: What’s out there now?

The world of wearable tech is already exploring the potential of AI to enhance the user experience. Fitness tracking platforms like Whoop utilize advanced AI algorithms to delve deep into your sleep, exertion levels, and recovery. It’s like having a specialized coach built into your watch, delivering personalized training advice, pinpointing when you’re pushing too hard, and suggesting optimal recovery strategies

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Similarly, Zepp Health has focused on incorporating AI coaching across its Amazfit range. Their smartwatches analyze your fitness data, providing tailored workout plans and recommendations. This helps users make the most of their training time, aiming to accelerate their progress towards reaching their goals.

Samsung’s Galaxy AI – On the horizon

Samsung’s approach with Galaxy AI seems geared towards a wider range of uses than just fitness. While enhanced health tracking is likely a core aspect, the company has also hinted at features like Live Translations and Interpreter mode. Imagine traveling abroad and having your watch break down language barriers in real-time.

Here’s a breakdown of how Samsung Galaxy AI could improve your smartwatch experience in the future:

  • Smarter health: AI could analyze your health data in novel ways. Beyond simple step counts and sleep tracking, your watch could detect and alert you to early signs of stress, heart rhythm issues, or even flagging unusual changes in your blood pressure. It could be a health guardian that never sleeps.
  • Easier travel: Stuck trying to read a menu in another language? Live Translations could display the text in your native tongue directly from your watch. Need to have a conversation? Interpreter mode could facilitate on-the-fly conversations with anyone, anywhere.
  • Personalized insights: Like Whoop and Zepp Health, Galaxy AI could deliver a stream of unique insights based on your own data. Recommendations could cover anything from the ideal workout schedule based on your recovery needs to time-management tips based on your daily activity patterns.
  • The unknown factor: This is where it gets exciting. AI technology is developing rapidly. Could your Galaxy watch one day alert you to potential food allergies based on your dietary patterns? Might it provide tailored emotional support? The possibilities are intriguing.

The future of the smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy AI has the potential to move smartwatches from the realm of “nice-to-have” gadgets to truly indispensable tools. If it lives up to its promise, it will be much more than just counting steps and calories, and providing basic insights into your workouts. Your Galaxy Watch could become your health advocate, travel companion, and personalized lifestyle coach.

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