Huawei Watch GT 4 & GT 3 Pro receive HarmonyOS 4 update

Huawei continues to refine its smartwatch experience with the rollout of HarmonyOS 4. Watch GT 3 Pro and GT 4 are now receiving this significant upgrade, promising enhanced features, refined performance, and a smoother user interface.

Earlier this year, we reported that Huawei was rolling out the HarmonyOS 4 Beta program to its Watch 3 series smartwatches. The update brought a number of new features and improvements. It also promised improved battery life and faster performance. Now this is transitioning to a public release for Watch GT 3 Pro and the GT 4 series.

HarmonyOS 4: A New Chapter for Huawei watches

The new software, version, introduces a plethora of improvements designed to elevate the user experience. Among the key features are a refined user interface that allows for easier navigation of app names in the app grid, thanks to a zoom-in function activated by the rotating crown. Additionally, a new touch protection feature aims to prevent accidental inputs during workouts, enhancing the device’s usability during physical activity.

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Customization options receive a boost with this update, allowing users to tailor workout data displays to their preferences. The Enable Screen feature, which lights up the screen upon receiving notifications, further adds to the smartwatch’s user-friendly appeal. These enhancements combine to make the devices more intuitive and efficient for daily use.

HarmonyOS 4 changelog
Watch GT 3 Pro – change-log

Enhanced Performance and User Interface

The update brings more than just functional improvements; it also enhances the smartwatch’s performance. Users can expect clearer text visibility, quicker access to notifications, and an improved always-on display that offers more information at a glance. The alarm functionality and the accuracy of training data have been upgraded, ensuring that users have a more reliable and effective tool for managing their health and fitness routines.

With a substantial update size of 157 MB, Huawei advises users to update their Huawei Health app to the latest version before installing the new firmware. This precaution ensures a smooth update process and optimal performance post-update.

Overall, HarmonyOS 4 is a welcome improvement to the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro and GT 4. With the success of this update, we can hopefully anticipate similar refinements coming soon to other popular Huawei watch models.


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