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Zepp Health unleashes big update for T-Rex Ultra, Falcon & Cheetah

Get ready Amazfit fans, because the brand known for its rugged yet stylish smartwatches has just dropped a major firmware update packed with exciting upgrades for the T-Rex Ultra, Falcon, and Cheetah series. These new features are rolling out now, promising to take your outdoor exploration and fitness tracking to the next level.

What’s new in the February OTA update

Navigation gets smarter

Lost in the wilderness? Not anymore! The Offline Map Road Name Display ensures you’ll always know where you’re going by showing road names directly on your offline maps. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or exploring a new area, this handy feature adds a layer of convenience and clarity to your adventures.

Fine-tune your downhill thrills

For skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, the new Downhill Skiing Auto-Detect Sensitivity Options will be important. Now you can customize how sensitive your watch is in detecting downhill activities, guaranteeing that your stats accurately capture every thrilling run.

Run smarter, not harder

The Zepp Coach running plans have gotten an intelligence boost in this update. Expect a more tailored experience thanks to the optimized onboarding questionnaire and other refinements. This translates to running plans that are better aligned with your individual fitness level and goals.

Connect and conquer

Seamlessly integrate your workout data with other devices thanks to the new ability to push heart rate data from your Amazfit watch to third-party devices like cycling computers. This opens up a world of possibilities for cyclists and those who enjoy cross-training.

Accuracy is everything

Even in the most remote or challenging environments, your Amazfit watch will keep you on time with the new GPS Calibration Function. This ensures precise timekeeping, giving you the confidence you need when every second counts.

How to get the update

Installing the latest firmware update is a breeze. Simply open the Zepp app on your connected smartphone, navigate to the device settings for your Amazfit watch, and look for the “Check for Updates” option. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update.

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Let us know which of these awesome new features you’re most eager to try out! If you don’t see the update immediately, don’t panic – it should arrive on your device within the next few days.

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