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Huawei Band 9 almost ready to launch? Third approval hints YES!

The Huawei Smart Band 9 looks like it’s gearing up for release after scoring its third major regulatory approval. The latest green light comes from the UAE’s TDRA, confirming the device meets all the necessary standards for the region.

Regulatory approvals ensure that fitness trackers meet essential safety standards. They are there to protect users from potential hazards like electrical malfunctions or hazardous materials. These certifications confirm that devices function reliably and won’t interfere with other wireless devices. They are a stepping stone between manufacturing and launch.

Huawei Band 9 TDRA
TDRA certification

This isn’t the first hurdle the Band 9 has cleared. It already got the thumbs up from Malaysia’s SIRIM certification (model number KIM-B19) and Singapore’s IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority).

Huawei Band 9 IMDA
IMDA certificate

All these approvals piling up point to Huawei getting the Band 9 ready for a worldwide launch. We don’t have an exact date yet, but this flurry of certifications suggests the wait might not be too long – maybe just a few weeks!

A look back to Huawei Band 8

Launched in April 2023, the Huawei Smart Band 8 stands out as the company’s lightest and thinnest smart bracelet yet. Just like its predecessor, it t features a 1.47-inch high-resolution display. However, build quality has been upped with a newly designed frame that is flat on all sides. This creates a taller appearance compared to its predecessor. Plus, there’s a push-type quick-release strap that allows for simple disassembly.

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As far as features, you get the standard gamut of fitness sensors. This is coupled with up to two weeks of battery life and smart functionality like message notifications and music playback, the Band 8 combines style with functionality. So all in all, a solid package.

As far as room for improvement, there’s plenty. The current version hasn’t really pushed the envelope that much as compared to the predecessor generation. Some basic improvements could include a built-in GPS chip and NFC for contactless payments. An ambient light sensor would make the display more useable. And, of course, some improvements in health and fitness tracking would be welcome.

What exactly we will get remains to be soon. There have been no leaks so far that would give us a hint.

Keep an eye out for the Huawei Smart Band 9 – it should drop in late March or April. That would put it right at a year since the last model came out.

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