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VentriJect Seismofit: Your VO2 Max score without the workout

VO2 max is an important indicator of cardiovascular health, but traditional methods of measuring it often require expensive equipment, strenuous exercise and a trip to the doctor’s office. VentriJect Seismofit offers a new and innovative way to measure VO2 max – in just 3 minutes and from the comfort of your own home.

Most owners of sport watches will know what VO2 max is. It is something they keep an eye on. The metric represents the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during intense exercise and is a gold-standard metric of cardiorespiratory fitness. It’s associated with athletic performance, overall health, and even longevity.

VO2 max estimates churned out by smartwatches are typically based on your heart rate, pace, and other metrics collected during a workout. For the most case, they also require GPS to be turned on. However, while offering a decent estimate, they have limitations. For the most part, you can use them as a reasonable baseline for tracking trends. But they may not be precise enough for serious athletic planning or medical monitoring.

Unfortunately, traditional VO2 max tests require specialized lab equipment, so can be quite costly. VentriJect Seismofit aims to offer a novel solution to the problem. Their device measures VO2 max in just 3 minutes and does not require strenuous exercise.

Understanding Seismocardiography and VentriJect Seismofit

The Seismofit is a small, non-invasive adhesive patch that you stick to your chest. After a quick setup, you need lie still for approximately 45 seconds while your heart’s signals are recorded. This data is then uploaded to the cloud, where a sophisticated algorithm analyzes the intricate patterns within the SCG signal, ultimately extracting a VO2 max estimation.

Image source: Ventriject

Unlike smartwatches, the device uses something seismocardiography (SCG) to capture the metric. SCG records the subtle vibrations produced by your heart as it beats. These vibrations contain information about your heart’s function and efficiency.


Now you might be wondering about the accuracy of such a device. Well, the technology is backed by sound scientific principles. The relationship between cardiac vibrations and oxygen consumption has been studied for decades. Recent advancements in sensors and machine learning have enabled VentriJect to refine this analysis and deliver clinically relevant estimations.

A 2022 medical study demonstrates the Seismofit’s impressive accuracy. When compared to traditional treadmill-based VO2 max tests, Seismofit’s results were remarkably consistent, validating its potential for this purpose.

VentriJect Seismofit: Advantages and applications

Such a device offers several advantages. It requires no exertion whatsoever so can be used by people who are not fit. Traditional VO2 max tests push you to your physical limits, while Seismofit requires nothing more strenuous than lying still. Plus the quick, at-home process eliminates the need for lab visits or complex equipment. The device could be a boon for those with injuries, disabilities, or conditions that make strenuous exercise difficult or inadvisable. Its tech could potentially be integrated into heart rate chest straps and other equipment.

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Ideal users of Seismofit include athletes who would benefit from precisely tracking fitness gains, tailoring workout plans, and optimizing performance without the stress of repeated maximal exertion tests. Additionally, health-conscious individuals interested in a comprehensive picture of their cardiovascular health could find Seismofit valuable, as it provides a data point far more informative than resting heart rate alone. Lastly, those undergoing rehabilitation or with cardiac conditions could use Seismofit, under medical guidance, to safely monitor their progress.

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  • Well you can just use a polar H10 to get the Vo2max if it’s to trust a device without a proper lab test

    i suppose if you want a efortless test it’s cheaper to just get a H10 and do it whenever you want, i did it once and just lying down gave the same value as the garmin estimate based on all runs i did 🙂


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