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The Redmi Watch 4 welcomes Alexa: A practical upgrade

Xiaomi’s popular budget-friendly smartwatch, the Redmi Watch 4, has received a useful update (version 2.2.80) that introduces a much sought-after feature: Amazon Alexa integration. This addition unlocks the potential for hands-free interaction, streamlining tasks and transforming the smartwatch into a convenient home control hub.

Alexa expands the Redmi Watch 4’s functionality

With the integration of Alexa, Redmi Watch 4 users can now issue voice commands to control compatible smart home devices, set alarms, create reminders, check the weather, and much more. It is worth noting that this is Alexa with text controls and feedback. So it does not include sound.

Nevertheless the Alexa integration is useful, and more than just a new trick up Redmi Watch 4’s sleeve. For users who juggle multiple tasks or those who appreciate the ease of smart home management, having Alexa on their wrist simplifies daily routines. Controlling your smart lights or thermostat with a simple voice command is inherently convenient.

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Additionally, voice commands can reduce the need to reach for your watch or fiddle with its menus, especially when your hands are occupied. If you need to quickly set a timer while cooking or add an item to your shopping list, Alexa can save precious time. Finally, for users with dexterity issues or visual impairments, voice control can make interacting with the smartwatch easier and more inclusive.

Background on the Redmi Watch 4

Launched in Europe and the UK in early 2024, the Redmi Watch 4 has gained popularity due to its decent set of features despite its €100 affordable price point. It can be picked up in two case colours, Silver Gray and Obsidian Black. It also comes with a variety of strap options, including metallic, leather, and nylon

The smartwatch boasts a sleek design with a 1.97-inch AMOLED display, an aluminum alloy frame, and a comfortable quick-release strap. It offers comprehensive health tracking capabilities, including heart-rate and blood oxygen monitoring, stress and sleep tracking, as well as an impressive array of over 150 sports modes.

Redmi Watch 4

Important note on availability

Users in the US have already started receiving the feature, as reported in this Reddit thread. But it’s important to check whether Alexa support is available in your region, as there seem to be some initial limitations. If supported in your area, you’ll be able to find the option to set up Alexa in your smartwatch settings.

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