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The next splash: FORM Smart Swim 2 goggles unveiled

FORM has released an eagerly awaited update to their augmented reality swim goggles—the Smart Swim 2. This next-generation device promises an even more seamless and data-driven swim experience featuring a built-in heart rate monitor, the all-new SwimStraight feature, and enhancements to fit and design.

While launched back in 2019, the FORM Swim Goggles remain a leader in wearable swim tech. These innovative goggles boast waveguide optics and a suite of built-in sensors, providing real-time metrics, guided workouts, and unparalleled swim coaching directly in the swimmer’s field of vision.

In our hands-on review, we lauded the first-generation for its groundbreaking approach. The goggles seamlessly integrate a see-through display, offering real-time data without sacrificing visibility. They impressed us with their user-friendly design and precise stroke detection.

Review: Experience the future of swimming with Form Swim Goggles

Subsequent updates brought even more features. These included structured workouts, outdoor GPS metrics, and compatibility with Polar OH1 heart rate monitors—solidifying FORM’s position as an innovator in the smart swimming tech space.

But now it is time for generation two.

What’s new with the Smart Swim 2

The Smart Swim 2 goggles emerge not just as an update but as a reimagined version of their former selves. With an integrated heart rate monitor right at the temple, swimmers can now access real-time heart rate data without the hassle of additional devices. Which means you no longer need to connect to external heart rate devices.

Another update is something called SwimStraight. This is an integrated digital compass which guides swimmers in open water to maintain a straight course. It is something for triathletes and open water swimmers, ensuring a straighter, more efficient path through the water.

Form Swim Goggles 2

FORM also paid close attention to design and comfort in the Smart Swim 2, achieving a sleeker, more hydrodynamic shape with a 15% smaller tech pack. The fit has been enhanced with adjustable features to cater to a broader range of face shapes, ensuring that comfort doesn’t take a backseat to functionality.

Form Swim 2
Form Swim 2

FORM’s HeadCoach digital coaching system also received a boost. Powered by machine learning, HeadCoach analyzes your performance data and generates personalized workouts. Additionally, technique prompts now appear during workouts for real-time guidance.

Form Swim 2
Form Swim 2

Beyond the press release

FORM conducted studies validating the accuracy of their Smart Swim 2 goggles’ heart rate sensor against a gold-standard ECG chest strap and a popular wrist-based heart rate monitor. The goggles demonstrated remarkable accuracy (97%) compared to the chest strap, with only an average deviation of +/- 4bpm. In contrast, the wrist-based device in the same study showed a +/- 10bpm deviation. The goggles therefore outperformed the wrist-based monitor in accuracy. Which means swimmers can utilise the heads-up display to actively monitor and adjust their effort based on their heart rate during training.

Form Smart Swim 2: Price, availability

The FORM Smart Swim 2 goggles are available for purchase at £229.00 through and select retailers. A two-month trial of FORM Premium is included, granting access to full workout libraries, training plans, HeadCoach, and the SwimStraight feature.

As the swimming world looks forward to an Olympic year, the Form Smart Swim goggle series continues to stand out from the pack. The specs promise to elevate further the training regimen of swimmers around the globe. Look out for our full hands-on review to land in the weeks ahead.

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