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UK innovations: The FlowBio S1 & SM24 sweat sensors

UK-based companies FlowBio and SM24 are making strides with their innovative approaches to sweat monitoring. FlowBio’s recent introduction of the S1 sensor offers athletes a detailed analysis of their hydration needs. On another front, SM24 is set to unveil a device that begins its journey by focusing on non-invasive glucose measurement via sweat analysis.

Athletes know the importance of optimal hydration, yet determining their precise needs can be challenging. Proper hydration affects everything from physical endurance and recovery to cognitive function, making the ability to accurately monitor fluid and electrolyte loss important.

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Unfortunately products that help with this are few and far between. So far such tech has not found its way in mainstream sports watches. However, there are some other options.

The FlowBio S1: Focused hydration monitoring

One of these is FlowBio’s S1 hydration monitor. Priced at £329, it works in conjunction with existing heart rate monitors (chest-strap or arm-based).

The S1 focuses on measuring both water and electrolyte (specifically sodium) loss during exercise. This needle-free device analyzes sweat through a small channel, aiming for a high level of accuracy (up to 83% for sodium and 73% for fluid loss compared to lab-based standards). The company’s website mentions a study which confirms these figures.

Flowbio S1
Flowbio S1

In fact, FlowBio’s technology has received attention from professional teams like EF Pro Cycling and Olympic athlete Alistair Brownlee. The company uses algorithms to analyze collected sweat data, which can help athletes develop personalized hydration strategies for before, during, and after training. Its performance insights tool helps pinpoint potential hydration-related areas for improvement.

Flowbio app

The S1 offers compatibility with popular fitness apps and devices like Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Zwift, and TrainingPeaks through ANT+ and Bluetooth connections. This allows for integration into existing workout tracking systems. In fact, the device needs a paired sports watch linked to its app in order to work.

It’s important to note that while data is collected in real-time, live analysis features are still under development. However, a real-time stream option for Garmin watches is anticipated for release this summer.

The Upcoming SM24: A broader perspective on sweat analysis

Another exciting UK-based innovation, the SM24, takes a distinct approach to sweat analysis. Still in its beta phase, with large-scale trials anticipated, the SM24 is a non-invasive patch designed to measure glucose levels through low amounts of sweat. It will debut in London around May or June.


Spearheading the project is James Mayo, whose background as a former UK Military officer, British mile champion, and hydration company founder, informs the SM24’s unique design. Plans are in place to expand the device’s capabilities beyond glucose monitoring to include lactate and cortisol measurements. The aim is to create a versatile product suitable for continuous wear, not just during exercise, offering a more comprehensive view of the user’s overall health and fitness.

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