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Amazfit adventure watches get training enhancements, 3rd party device connectivity

The latest Zepp Health firmware update for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, Cheetah Series & Falcon includes a revamped fishing mode, smarter Zepp Coach training plans, additional third-party device connectivity, and more.

These updates demonstrate the company’s relentless focus on enhancing its smartwatches. Whether you’re a passionate angler, a dedicated runner, or simply love tracking your workouts with detailed metrics, the April 2024 release promises a significant upgrade to your experience.

Let’s dive into the key highlights!

Fishing Mode: A comprehensive overhaul

If fishing is your passion, prepare to be impressed. Zepp Health has significantly upgraded the Fishing workout mode. You can now meticulously track the number of casts you make and the number of fish you catch, adding a new layer of data analysis to your fishing sessions.

Additionally, the inclusion of sunrise-sunset time curves and barometric pressure data charts offers valuable environmental insights. The new interval timer feature brings structure to those focused fishing sessions, helping you optimize your time on the water.

barometric pressure data chart

Zepp Coach: Scientific training takes the lead

The Zepp Coach is getting smarter than ever, making it a powerful ally for runners. The April update introduces two significant additions.

Firstly, single-session training scores allow you to instantly evaluate the effectiveness of individual workouts. Secondly, training guidance modes provide personalized guidance for steady-state running and walking, tailoring your training approach to suit your goals. These new tools empower runners with science-backed insights to optimize their training and see consistent progress.

Expanding horizons: Third-party device connectivity

We all know that select Zepp Health watches can connect to external heart rate chest straps. With this release, the company is continuing to embrace compatibility with external devices.

Runners on supported models will welcome the ability to connect Core thermometers for real-time body temperature monitoring, adding another valuable metric to their training data. Furthermore, the integration with Stryd running power meters will unlock a wealth of real-time running power data, offering advanced runners a new dimension of performance analysis. This is for those that want to use power as a way of gauging their run.

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Stryd sensor

VO₂ Max enhancements

Trail runners have a reason to celebrate. The Trail Running workout mode on compatible watches has been enhanced to support VO₂ Max data. This means that after a trail run (if the conditions are met), you’ll receive in-depth insights into your cardiorespiratory fitness, giving you a clearer picture of your performance and potential.

Installing the latest firmware

All of these features are coming to the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra and Falcon. In addition to this the Cheetah Series gets the ability to sync image messages from WhatsApp when connected to an Android phone.

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Ready to unleash these new features? Installing new firmware on your Amazfit watch is a breeze. Simply open the Zepp app and find the “Check for Updates” option. If a new update (firmware version for the T-Rex Ultra, Cheetah Round, Cheetah Square, for the Cheetah Pro and for Falcon) is available, you’ll be guided through the installation process.

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