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Garmin Fenix 8 hype builds with the “something else” mystery

DC Rainmaker has teased a comparison between the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and “something else.” This immediately sparked speculation among Garmin users on whether this mystery device could be the upcoming Fenix 8.

Leading tech outlets and reviewers often receive pre-release versions of upcoming devices. Under strict embargo, of course.

This allows them to test the products thoroughly and publish extensive reviews on the day of launch. DC Rainmaker is towards the top of this list. He is known to receive early access to Garmin products, providing him ample time to ensure his comprehensive reviews are ready on launch day.

A reference to Garmin Fenix 8

Whether the “something else” is indeed the Fenix 8 remains to be seen. Given Garmin’s consistent release cadence, a new device seems imminent. It could even be the long-awaited Instinct 3, another highly anticipated contender.

While a Fenix 8 launch isn’t impossible, a late summer release date seems more probable. Why? Well, we haven’t seen those telltale regulatory filings popping up yet, and usually they’re a good sign a device is on the way. Realistically, we could see the watch anytime from now until January 2025.

Historically, Garmin’s Fenix line receives updates on a roughly 2-3 year cycle. The original Fenix debuted in 2012, with subsequent models gracing the market over the years. The most recent generation, the Fenix 7 series, launched in January 2022, followed by an interim 7 Pro iteration in May of 2023.

AMOLED versus MIP display: The Garmin Fenix 8 debate

Our wish list for the Fenix 8 includes a slimmer design and longer battery life – all while preserving the signature ruggedness of Fenix watches. At this point it is difficult to see what additional sensors the device could include. Probably nothing new apart from improving on existing tech. More changes are likely to come from enhanced performance features. Oh, and there’s an outside chance they’ll finally throw in full-on LTE.

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Whether Garmin will finally switch to an AMOLED display for the Fenix 8 has been a hot debate on various forums. The Epix 2 offers a vibrant AMOLED screen, leading some to believe Garmin could finally abandon its traditional MIP (Memory-in-Pixel) technology. However, we think Garmin will likely stick with MIP for the Fenix 8 due to its superior battery life and sunlight readability – essential features for outdoor adventurers who rely on their trusty watches. Nonetheless, the trend is clearly shifting toward AMOLED, as evidenced by the recent release of the Vivoactive 5 with this display type.

The gears are turning, and speculation is rife about Garmin’s next wearable device. Will the highly anticipated Fenix 8 finally make its debut? Could it be the Instinct 3, or something entirely unexpected? We shall find out soon enough.

What are your predictions for this new Garmin device?

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