Ultrahuman introduces Stress Rhythm: A new way to understand stress

Stress isn’t always a negative force – it can drive focus and performance. Ultrahuman’s new Stress Rhythm feature offers in-depth insights into your body’s stress patterns, more so than anything we’ve seen before.

Wearable technology has empowered us with the ability to track various health metrics, including how stressed we are. We’ve seen the feature on many smartwatches, fitness bands and smart rings. However, Ultrahuman is taking this type of monitoring to a whole new level with its innovative Stress Rhythm feature.

Stress: It’s not all bad

We often see “stress” as a negative concept, but the reality is more nuanced. Stress is driven by the hormone cortisol, which plays a crucial role in how our bodies manage challenges, regulating heart rate, blood pressure, and energy metabolism. Cortisol levels naturally rise in the morning to support alertness and focus, then gradually decline throughout the day, promoting better sleep.

Ultrahuman’s Stress Rhythm is designed to visualize your individual stress patterns in correlation to your personal circadian rhythm. This contextual approach provides a more balanced understanding of how your body responds to stress, recognizing that a little stress can be beneficial for peak performance – whether it’s giving an important presentation or enjoying a thrilling movie.

The feature analyzes variations in your heart rate, heart rate variability, and resting heart rate throughout the day, giving you a detailed picture of how well aligned your stress response is with your body’s internal clock. The company says it will include temperature and other markers in upcoming versions of the feature.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: My review

I had the opportunity to review the Ultrahuman Ring Air, and was impressed by its comprehensive approach to health tracking. The ring’s ability to monitor sleep, movement, and recovery already made it a compelling choice for health-conscious individuals. For a deeper look into my thoughts on the Ring Air, you can read my review here.

I’ve also tried out the new stress monitoring feature. It landed in my Android app yesterday. At first glance, it is a lot to take in.

What I like is that you get an overall Stress Rhythm Score which quantifies on a scale from 0 to 100 your day. The card appears in your daily overview.

For example, yesterday I received a score of 72. Which means I was only moderately successful. The idea is to undergo stress or stimulating activities earlier in the day and taper it down as the day progresses, you’re essentially supporting your body’s natural rhythm. This helps other physiological processes like sleep onset, recovery and more.

If you click on the Stress Rhythm Score card you get a daily outline on how your metric has changed. And below that a detailed breakdown of how stressed, stimulated, relaxed and active you were through the day. That’s where it gets a bit more complex to understand as you get a couple of different charts.

An innovative approach

Ultrahuman’s Stress Rhythm feature is a first-of-its-kind approach to personalized stress management. While other wearables offer stress tracking features, none provide the same depth of insight by correlating your stress patterns with your unique circadian rhythm. The company is impressive in its constant stream of new features and exciting updates.

This latest features is there to help you tap into your body’s natural energy cycles. You’ll know exactly when to tackle tough challenges and when to schedule some downtime.

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