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Whoop 5.0: our wish-list, potential release date, rumours

In this article we look forward to Whoop 5.0 – our wish-list of features, potential release date and rumours.

The wearable distinguishes itself from the pack in its focus. Whoop teaches you the importance of taking care of yourself, it helps you optimise your training, sleep routine and recovery. And it does this better than anything else on the market.

Check our our full review of Whoop 4.0. If you are deeply invested in sports it is a great buy.

But what about the next generation? Should you hold off on any purchase before it arrives?

The simple answer to this is – no. That’s because the company has adopted a subscription model. Instead of paying for the hardware, you pay a monthly fee for the service (check current price on The good thing about this is that when new hardware comes out, you will automatically be upgraded. As long as you have at least 6 months left in your current subscription.

Whoop 4.0 comes with some important enhancements over its predecessor. This includes a smaller form-factor, better accuracy thanks to upgraded sensors, the addition of SpO2 and skin temperature. You also now get haptic feedback, along with a choice of how to wear the device.

But what about Whoop 5.0?

Whoop 5.0: potential release date – late 2024 or early 2025

Let’s start off with the potential release date. The current generation was unveiled in September 2021. So it is a few years old now. The fact that it still does an excellent job speaks volumes about the quality of the product.

Its predecessor saw the light of day in May 2019. The first two generations were launched back in 2015 and 2016. And while Whoop 1.0 was only available to professional athletes, all the other versions were made available to the general public as well.

The wait period between Whoop 3 and 4 was a two and a half years. If the company sticks to that release schedule we should see Whoop 5.0 this year, or perhaps in early 2025. Our guess is a late 2024 launch.

Whoop 5.0: our wish-list of features

Below are some changes we would like to see implemented for Whoop 5.0. We have also included some features mentioned by users on Reddit and Facebook.

Whoop 5.0
Image source: Whoop

A smaller form factor, physical button

Whoop 4.0 looks very much like its predecessor- simple, comfortable, screen-less design. Its size has come down by around a third. As mentioned, you now have multiple ways of wearing the thing. The two main ones are on the wrist and on the upper arm.

We would like to see an even smaller form factor for Whoop 5.0. Some users tend to wear a smartwatch or sportswatch on one wrist and Whoop on the other. Perhaps a Whoop that is narrower might make it look more like a bracelet than a fitness device.

One could also imagine the integration of a physical button. This could have a variety of use cases. A press could indicate the start and end of a workout, for example. Or you could assign a button press combination to an event that you predefine in the smartphone app journal, perhaps drinking a cup of coffee.

It might come as a shock to those who are accustomed to smartwatches, but Whoop does not have a display. We think that this is a plus. The wearable is attached to your body quietly gathering data, with minimal interaction from you. Strap it on and forget about it. Perfect. With screens everywhere around us, we have enough distractions in our lives – thank you very much.

Having said that, some visual indicators might be useful. For example a strip of LED lights indicating your recovery status.

Sensor improvements

With each new generation come the inevitable sensor improvements. The tech is getting better each and every year.

It is too early to guess which sensors will come over the 12 months or so, but blood pressure tracking from the wrist is top of the list. Other candidates include hydration tracking, alcohol, lactate, glucose trends and much more.

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UV measurements could also be a nice candidate. No other watch does this currently, and the sensor could allow you to measure exposure and make appropriate recommendations.

If you care about counting steps, Whoop isn’t for you.

At the moment Whoop does not count steps. Which seems like a trick missed. Find the cheapest fitness device on Amazon it has the ability to track steps. It can’t be difficult to implement the feature. Users may want to see a step count for a variety of reasons.

Or how about an altimeter for counting floors climbed? These are the basics which would make the device more useful for simple tracking of daily activity.

Whoop 5.0
Image source: Whoop

Built-in GPS

A built-in GPS is also a possibility. At the moment you can tap into the GPS chip on your smartphone when using Whoop. But something that would not require you to carry your phone around while exercising would be much more user-friendly.

On this topic, it would also be good to see more performance type stats, such as Vo2 Max. It would close the gap between sports watches and Whoop. There are some people who use Whoop for recovery, sleep and strain statistics, and devices such as Garmin for detailed sports tracking. It would due away with the need for that.

Smart wake-up

Smart wake-up is next on our wish-list. Whoop 4.0 has the addition of haptic feedback. You can set an alarm clock that wakes you after achieving your sleep goal or when your recovery goes into the green zone. You also have the option to specify the time in the morning by which this needs to be achieved, say 10am. If you did not hit those targets by that time, you will be woken up.

But one could imagine the addition of functionality that gets you out of bed around a certain time, but when you are in the right part of the sleep cycle. A number of other brands have implemented this feature.

The option to snooze would be nice, as well. Again, this should not be too difficult to add.

A fully customisable journal

If you are not using the journal function, you are not making the most of Whoop. Tag your behaviours in the morning and when the month is up you’ll get a detailed insight into how individual factors effect your sleep and recovery. A big part of using Whoop is making changes to your behavior that positively influence your health.

And while the list of behaviours that you can tag is quite large, you are not able to add customised entries. We would like to have the option to add our food long, specific medications, custom behavior to get granular trends.

Play nice with third-party devices, heart rate chest straps, smart scales

Generation 4 of Whoop has brought improvements to heart rate tracking. Having said that, something that sits on your wrist is never going to be as accurate for those types of measurements as a heart rate chest strap. Currently there’s no option to connect to such devices. It would make activity tracking much more useful, particularly for high-intensity exercise.

And how about having the option to link up to a smart scales. Or at least to be able to import this type of data from Fitbit or Garmin, for example. Users are in this for the data!

Longer battery life

Whatever new features are added, we certainly hope they don’t come at the expense of battery performance. Currently you can expect between 4 and 5 days on a single charge. And while that’s pretty decent, we would love to see this extended to about a week.

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7 thoughts on “Whoop 5.0: our wish-list, potential release date, rumours

  • The Strain thing for weight training and HIIT i sign right away, but guys the battery life? You even mention right now that you have around 5 days on a single charge and the battery is charged within 30mins to like 75%….So how much battery do guys need?

  • I would love to have Garmin and Whoop work together for a watch that has all the tracking functionality of Whoop and the ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass), as well as GPS, features Garmin is famous for. As an outdoorsman (backpacking, hiking, trail running, etc.), this would be an I-D-E-A-L situation. Doubtful though…

    • That would be nice, I wear a Garmin on one wrist Whoop on the other. But no way to sync, unfortunately.

    • Accurate elevation and step tracking. Increase HR accuracy and link to chest straps. Accurate HR anomaly detection like afib with alerts. Im talking medical device accurate. Ivent a great comfortable every day chest sensor to link to. I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind the cost if it could save your life and give you peace of mind. Im a man in my 50s. Heart health is top of mind. Easily allow me to share data with Dr. Hell give me lower ins rates to share data. I know that is a minefield but get creative. SpO2 and ekg on demand. Skys the limit.

    • Quicker sync times would be something

  • I would love a battery pack that doesn’t lose charge when laying around and that reports it’s charge to my phone. no use of taking an almost empty pack with me for my camping trip when I can’t rely on my precharge.

  • I’d like to see an “airplane mode” feature included in the Whoop 5, given that the Whoop 4 lacks an option to prevent the emission of EMF radiation.


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