Muscle, fat & weight tracking: Whoop hints at new feature drop

Whoop is hinting at an update to its fitness tracking platform, incorporating body composition and weight data.

In communications surrounding membership renewals, the company teased the potential addition. This is a feature that would allow users to monitor changes in muscle mass, fat percentage, and overall weight. 

The integration of such data would represent a natural progression for Whoop, complementing its existing suite of metrics that track sleep, strain, and recovery. By incorporating these additional measurements, Whoop would offer a more holistic view of user progress, enabling individuals to make more informed decisions about their training and lifestyle choices. 


While Whoop has not yet divulged the specifics of this potential feature just yet, several implementation scenarios are worth considering. One possibility is a simple manual entry system, allowing users to log their body composition data alongside existing journal entries. While this would be a straightforward solution, it might lack the convenience and accuracy of automated tracking. 

Alternatively, Whoop could explore integrating with popular smart scales from brands like Withings, Garmin, or Fitbit. This integration would enable automatic data transfer, providing users with a more streamlined experience.

A more ambitious scenario, albeit a less likely one, is the development of a Whoop-branded smart scale. While this would give the company complete control over the data integration process, it might not be the most cost-effective solution for users. Also, it is not something we realistically see the company doing.

Whoop: A personal perspective

In 2023, the platform saw a series of updates, introducing new features and refining existing ones. However, the pace of innovation has moderated somewhat in 2024. The most recent notable update was the December introduction of the “Weekly Plan” feature. This feature enables users to set and track weekly goals related to sleep, strain, activities, and behaviors, offering personalized recommendations based on individual data.

The pace of software updates may have slowed down because new hardware might be on the horizon. There are rumours we might see Whoop 5.0 in the latter part of this year.

From a personal perspective, as an avid runner who often prioritizes performance metrics, I’ve found Whoop to be instrumental in highlighting the importance of recovery and overall well-being. The platform’s journal feature has become a valuable tool for experimentation, allowing me to track the impact of various lifestyle factors on my recovery and overall health. These real-world insights have led to meaningful improvements in my quality of life.

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While Whoop may not cater to the casual exerciser, it has proven invaluable for those who are serious about their training.If you’re dedicated to pushing your limits and optimising your performance, Whoop’s comprehensive approach to health and fitness tracking could be the missing piece in your journey. 

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