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Garmin Edge 1050 launch: Retailer listing & upcoming events fuel speculation

The Garmin Edge 1050 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated cycling tech releases of the year. After Garmin inadvertently leaked images of the device on their Taiwanese website, we now have more evidence suggesting an imminent launch. Perhaps in the coming days.

Retailer listing confirms price

As originally spotted by FitnessTrackerTest, Tacoma Bike & Ski, an online retailer, briefly listed the Edge 1050 on their website. This confirmes the rumored price of $699.99. A “Device Only” label hints at a potential bundle option for $799.99, likely including additional sensors or accessories.

Garmin Edge 1050 retailer listing

The timing of these leaks coincides with two major cycling events. The first is the Tour de France, starting June 29th, and then there’s Eurobike, opening its doors on July 3rd. These events provide a perfect platform for Garmin to unveil the Edge 1050 to a global audience of cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals.

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Also, it is worth noting that Garmin often has product releases on Tuesdays. So don’t be surprised if we get the official reveal tomorrow. Wednesday, the 26th, is also a realistic option as one of the leaked images of the device shows that date.

Recap of expected upgrades

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Edge 1040, the Edge 1050 is rumored to offer several significant upgrades:

  • New angular design: opinions are actually divided as to whether this is an upgrade or a downgrade!
  • A higher-resolution display: A LCD screen with improved resolution (800 x 480 pixels) enhances navigation and data visibility.
  • Other hardware upgrades include a rumored built-in speaker for voice navigation, a larger 64GB memory capacity.
  • Garmin Pay integration: This convenient feature allows for contactless payments directly from the device.

You can read more about the expected upgrades on this link.

Of course all of this is unofficial as Garmin has yet to officially confirm a release date. But the mounting evidence suggests the Edge 1050’s debut is just around the corner. Stay tuned for further updates. As we approach the Tour de France and Eurobike, where we’ll likely get our first official look at this highly anticipated GPS bike computer.

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