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Amazfit Balance update: New sports modes, Night Mode & more

The latest firmware update for the Amazfit Balance watch has arrived, bringing a host of new features and optimizations. Version, coming in at 12.60MB, introduces new sports modes, Vo2Max for trail running, Night Mode support and more.

New and upgraded sports modes

Padel and Pickleball lovers will be pleased to know that these sports are now supported by the Amazfit Balance. You can access the new modes by navigating to Workouts > More Workouts > Ball Workouts. The two sports are growing in popularity so this is a long overdue addition.

For fishing aficionados, the Fishing mode has received a boost. A new data page now displays information such as the number of casts, fish caught, sunrise and sunset times, and the duration of your current cast. Additionally, the mode now features a real-time air pressure chart and a loop timer to remind you when to change your cast and bait.

Zepp Coach improvements, VO2Max for trail running, running power meter support

The Zepp Coach feature has been refined to offer more flexibility in training guidance. Users can now choose between guidance based on time and heart rate or distance and pace, allowing for a more personalized workout experience. Furthermore, each training session now comes with a score, helping you understand how well your workout aligns with the session’s focus.

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Trail runners will appreciate the addition of VO2 Max measurement support. This feature will update post-exercise when specific conditions are met, providing valuable insights into your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

For runners who use power meters, the Amazfit Balance now offers compatibility with these devices. You can set up your running power meter by going to Watch Settings > Bluetooth > Workout Accessory.

Night Display Mode

Apple has introduced a night display mode on its Watch Ultra, and now Zepp Health is doing the same. The company is rolling out a special mode that focuses on red, orange, and green colours. This feature provides a more comfortable visual experience in low-light environments. You can enable it through Watch Settings > Display > Night Display or quickly activate it from the control centre.

Beyond these updates there are a bunch of other smaller ones, along with the usual bug fixes. The full change-log can be seen in the screenshot below.

Amazfit Balance firmware update

How to install

The Amazfit Balance is a comprehensive one so you may want to install it right away. Ensure your watch is charged to at least 40% and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Open the Zepp app on your phone and navigate to the “Profile” tab, then select your Amazfit Balance device. Look for a notification about the new firmware or tap on “Check for updates.” If the update is available, you’ll see the option to download and install it.

This is the first big firmware update for Balance since April. That one brought features such as heart rate variability support, Running Power, half-marathon and marathon training plans and more.

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