New high-res images reveal Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series in full glory

Fresh high-resolution images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series have surfaced, offering the clearest look yet at the upcoming smartwatches. The Ultra looks much better than the previously released lower-resolution renders. Alongside that one, we’ve also gotten our first proper glimpse of the standard Galaxy Watch 7

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: A decent looking smartwatch?

A week or so ago renders were posted of Watch 7 Ultra. And they looked pretty grim. Very few comments on social media and forums were complimentary.

However, these new high-quality images reveal a device that looks significantly more refined. In fact, some might argue that it rivals or even surpasses the aesthetic appeal of the Apple Watch Ultra. And don’t forget – it will come with much better battery life as compared to Apple’s variant.

The White Ultra, in particular, looks good. This is the first time we are seeing the device in this colour.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra White

One notable feature that can be picked up from these images is the watch band, which bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s design for diving and water sports. This design choice may lend credence to rumours that the Ultra will incorporate diving computer features, potentially expanding its appeal to those that engage in water sports.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Black

The model seem to feature a new strap mechanism, departing from Samsung’s previous designs. This change could offer improved versatility or durability, though specifics remain unclear.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Red

As previously reported, Ultra retains its square body with a round face. This is an unconventional design that has divided opinion. However, the execution in these new images appears more cohesive and purposeful than earlier renders would suggest. The device showcases a premium look with its titanium case, which should contribute to a lightweight feel despite its large dimensions. The word is there will only be an LTE version.

One aspect that stands out in these new images is the selection of watch faces. These showcase strikingly designed options that appear to make excellent use of the display.

Galaxy Watch 7: Evolving the classic design

The standard Galaxy Watch 7 also makes an appearance in these new images, showcasing Samsung’s evolution of its classic circular smartwatch design. While less radical than its Ultra counterpart, the Watch 7 appears to offer a refined and elegant look that should appeal to a wide range of users.

Interestingly, the images confirm that neither the Ultra nor the standard model will feature a rotating bezel, as there’s no visible groove on either watch. Also, there doesn’t appear to be a Classic variant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Anticipated features

While the images don’t reveal specifics about internal hardware or software features, we can still expect both watches to offer advanced health and fitness tracking capabilities. With next generation sensors, these are likely to include more accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, ECG, blood pressure monitoring, and body composition analysis.

The Ultra model, with its robust design and diving-inspired band, may indeed offer enhanced water resistance and specialized features for water sports lovers. However, official confirmation of these features is still pending.

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Expect both watches to land in the weeks ahead. As always, we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s official announcement to get the full picture of what the Galaxy Watch 7 series has to offer.

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