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Amazfit Helio Ring unlocks EDA sensor: Emotion tracking at your fingertips

Zepp Health has released an update for the Amazfit Helio Ring, introducing a groundbreaking feature that sets this smart ring apart from its competitors. The Auto Emotion Monitoring capability is now accessible to users through the Zepp app.

The Helio Ring, which retails for $299, has been marketed with EDA (electrodermal activity) stress response monitoring technology. This innovative feature aims to provide users with deeper insights into their emotional states. Until now, however, this functionality remained dormant.

The latest app update activates this unique capability, making the Amazfit Helio Ring the only smart ring on the market equipped with an EDA sensor. The feature has been enabled for the version 8.10.6 of the app.

EDA sensor update

What does the EDA sensor do?

The Auto Emotion Monitoring feature combines data from the ring’s EDA sensor and heart rate variability measurements to detect shifts in the wearer’s emotional state. Users can review their emotional log within the app and provide feedback on the accuracy of Amazfit’s emotion suggestions. This user input is crucial, as it helps refine the Stress and Emotions summary over time, potentially leading to more precise readings.

It’s worth noting that users must manually enable the Auto Emotion Monitoring feature in the app settings. Amazfit also cautions that activating this function may impact the ring’s battery life.

Beyond that the ring also has the regular stress tracking feature – which utilises the heart rate sensor. That has been operational since the device’s debut just over a month ago.

I have had a chance to review the ring. What stands out for me is its comfortable and stylish design, as well as its accurate heart rate tracking during exercise. The ring also excels in comprehensive health and fitness monitoring, offering seamless app integration and impressive battery life. While some premium features are locked behind the Zepp Aura subscription, the free version of the app still provides a wealth of valuable insights.

Despite some minor issues, such as occasional inconsistencies in its Recovery Score, the Amazfit Helio Ring stands out as a promising newcomer in the smart ring market. Its strong focus on fitness tracking, coupled with the newly activated emotion monitoring feature, positions it as a compelling choice for those looking for a smart ring.

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