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Babolat Pop – the first smart tennis wristband

Babolat was the first company to come out with a connected tennis racket back in 2013. Babolat Play Connected tennis rackets feature a sensor embedded in the handle plus a matching app that syncs via Bluetooth, recording details of your playing performance. Thanks to a variety of sensors inside, the racquets analyse your game and spit out information into the mobile app. You are also able to chart your progress toward various skill levels and, if you are brave, or just a very good tennis player, you can compare your performance in a Community section.

Babolat has more competition now with the likes of Sony and Zepp coming out with their own tennis sensors. We have compared the three sensors in one of our earlier articles and have placed the Babolat racquet slightly ahead of the other two.

The company has now announced a new tennis gadget. The Babolat Pop, as it is called, is the world first connected tennis wristband. The device was created in collaboration with French tech outfit PIQ.

Babolat POP collects data about players’ performance, including forehands, backhands, smashes, volleys, serves, spin, racquet speed, shots, playtime, activity score, PIQ score, best rally and rate (shots/minute). The unique PIQ scoring system combines your swing speed, spin and style (the “fluidity” of your stroke) into one number that you can use to track your own game.

Once you have paired your POP with a smartphone, you can play connected with any tennis racquet. Simply put the wristband on your dominant wrist, slide in the sensor and start tracking your game.

Babolat did not forget the social aspect and the app allows users to challenge and interact with friends via social and gaming features.. You can see how you rank in the global community. Or take a look at your friends profiles.

Check out the official video.


The device includes a 9 axis sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. It comes with a built-in Lithium battery which can be recharged with a Micro USB charger. The wristband is made of breathable neoprene, and it is a one size fits all affair.

Babolat Pop – the first smart tennis wristband
Babolat Pop
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Babolat Pop – the first smart tennis wristband

The POP comes with wristband, sensor, charger and USB cable.

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3 thoughts on “Babolat Pop – the first smart tennis wristband

  • I purchased the POP and have been extremely dissatisfied with it. It does not track the shots accurately and after repeated requests to Babolat customer service I have received no response. I would not recommend buying this sensor

  • Thanks for your reply and sharing your experience. We have not tried the POP yet, but have tried the Babolat Connected racket which seems to function very well.

  • Loved the Babolat pop wrist band,I would recommend everyone to get it,you can see the speed, spin and style.


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