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Jawbone confirms it is keeping its UP product line

Jawbone is sticking around after all. The company released a statement yesterday that it will not be exiting the fitness wearable business, contrary to speculation that it has decided to end its UP product line and sell its remaining inventories.

“Speculation that Jawbone is exiting the wearables business or going out of business altogether is false,” a Jawbone representative told Engadget.

“This speculation appears to emanate from wrongful insinuations made in a blog post in which the reporter has since posted a ‘Correction.’ Unfortunately, other media picked it up before the reporter posted a correction and spread this false information.”

To recap, a number of different reports claimed the San Francisco company is planning to stop making its UP line of fitness trackers and is looking to sell off its speaker business. More specifically, a report from Tech Insider claimed that Jawbone has halted production of its UP line of fitness trackers and sold all of wristband inventory to a third party distributor. Additionally, separate reports from Fortune and Verge claimed that Jawbone is also looking to sell its audio business.

“Jawbone remains wholly committed to innovating in and building great wearables products. The company has never been more excited about its pipeline of technology and products and looks forward to sharing them when ready,” the statement continued.

“We manage our inventory positions according to internal business processes, and strategic product lifecycle objectives. This situation is no different and we will continue to support all of our products in the marketplace.”

It is worth noting that Jawbone has not said anything to counter rumours about its speaker business, so this may still be on the cards. Whatever the case, we are happy to report that one of the best known names in the health and fitness tracker market is staying in business.

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