LVL: fitness tracker that measures your hydration level

LVL: fitness tracker that measures your hydration level

Your body depends on water to survive. Proper hydration is vital to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Despite the importance of hydration, there are no activity trackers that automatically keep track of it. Until now.

BSX Athletics, as Austin-based wearable sensor company, wants to revolutionize the way we track our body’s hydration levels. Their wearable uses red light technology that measures 10 times deeper into your body than the green lights commonly found in fitness trackers, letting it both measure hydration levels and grab accurate heart rate readings.

The company says its tested hundreds of athletes in their sweat lab for development of LVL–using gold standards in biometric sensing to refine the algorithms LVL uses to measure hydration.

Like many other fitness trackers, the device can also track your activity (steps, distance, floors climbed), calories, sleep, mood and heart rate for a complete picture of your health.

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Price: $129

Campaign in progress:
$1,117,000 raised (as at 25 October 2016), well above the $50,000 goal

Estimated delivery: July 2017

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