ZeTime: Real watch hands on a smartwatch face

ZeTime: Real watch hands on a smartwatch face

Its fair to say there is no shortage of smartwatches on the market today. We were of the opinion that coming up with something novel that would spark widespread interest would be a struggle – until ZeTime came along.

This is a watch like no other. The development team at MyKronoz Switzerland have created the world’s first hybrid timepiece combining mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen – i.e. the first smartwatch that has real needles on the display. To achieve this, there is a hole drilled at the center of the console onto which the hand gears are secured.

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In addition to real mechanical needles, the premium looking device features multi-layer technology combining an always on TFT color display, a touch panel and ultra-resistant Gorilla glass. The benefit of having mechanical hands attached to the touchscreen solves the problem of what happens once the battery runs out – the mechanical hands keep on working for 30 days. The rest of the smartwatch features work for about four days on a single charge.

The folks at MyKronoz have cleverly introduced something they call Smart Movement technology. Essentially, the mechanical hands are controlled by the watch CPU in order to move them when needed to maximize visibility of the screen. This is necessary if you are for example checking out notifications or looking at the weather forecast.

One of the advantages of this watch is that the screen is always on, so there is no need to manually activate it to see the time. Other features include control for music playback and a built-in heart rate sensor. ZeTime is also water resistant and will allow you to use different straps.

If you want to join the other 14,000 backers and are interested in a watch that combines classic design with modern technology, you might want to check out this campaign. With just over a week left, ZeTime has raised an incredible $2.6 million, many times above its intended goal of $50,000.

Price: $139 and up

Funding open:
$2,661,286 pledged of $50,000 goal
9 days left

Estimated delivery: September 2017

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ZeTime: Real watch hands on a smartwatch face

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