Dagadam Watch: a feature packed device with real AI technology

Dagadam Watch: a feature packed device with real AI technology

This is a new kind of smartwatch that uses AI technology. Its Smart Notification Center, which the team calls the Dagadam HUB, analyzes and learns the way you interact with notifications and sorts future ones according to your preferences. The Irish outfit raised 70% of their $100,000 goal on Kickstarter in the first 24 hours and the watch was fully funded by March 26th.

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Running on Ticwear OS, the watch comes preloaded with a handful of apps and offers both Android and iOS compatibility. Made of materials used in the aerospace industry, the technology is interweaved with a comfortable and ergonomic design.

The watch features a Spectrum display with 16.7 million colors, has a 400 x 400 resolution, a touch panel and ultra-resistant Gorilla glass. Similar to the Tickle strip on the Ticwatch, Dagadam Watch has a SENSE touch bezel. This is a touch-sensitive ring located around the outer edge of the watch face which allows you to perform tasks such as zooming in on photos and changing the volume and brightness.

“We found there were not affordable options for smartwatches, so we wanted to create a smartwatch at a reasonable price for consumers that didn’t lack design or quality with affordability,” said Chief Executive Officer, Mandu Dragos.

“We’re very pleased with Dagadam’s success so far and look forward to bringing a new smartwatch to the market.”

One of the other advantages of this watch is that the screen is always on, so there is no need to manually activate it to see the time. Other features include built-in GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth, 8GB internal storage, control for music playback, an optical heart rate sensor and up to 3 days battery life. The watch is also water resistant (with an IP67 rating) and will allow you to use different straps.

“No need to bring your phone when going out for a run [as the] Dagadam watch will save and share your activity with your phone, Google Fit, Strava and more,” says the Dagadam team. “

[You can also] sync with Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favourite music (up to 10,000 songs) on the go.”

There is still time to snag the watch at a discount. Distribution to backers is set to begin next month.

Price: £151 and up

Funding open:
$140,000 pledged of $82,925 goal
campaign ended (still allows for purchase though)

Estimated delivery: June 2017

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Dagadam Watch: a feature packed device with real AI technology

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  • Promised delivery date was june 2017, been a year. My contribution seems to be fading away, so does everyone elses. Hope seems to be dwindling away as the product owner does not seem to have and answers. It is now down to a team of 1. Very unlikely that we will see a working product from this company.​


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