Haikara: the fashionable smartwatch

Haikara: the fashionable smartwatch

There is no shortage of devices to choose from when it comes to smartwatches. But lets face it, most of these sacrifice form in favor of function. The Haikara is a new smartwatch that aims to combine the two.

Designed for people who care about style and simplicity, the Haikara is marketed as the world’s thinnest smartwatch (less than 10mm), that lasts for up to 7 days on one charge. The high quality stainless steel gadget combines the premium feel of mechanical watches with digital smarts.

Made in Finland, Haikara comes with a number of design faces. You simply swipe on the high-res display to change between them. Further customization is available in the form of high-quality swappable bands – and there are quite a few leather bands to choose from.

There are no fitness tracking functions, but the sleek 400×400 AMOLED display will dish out notifications when connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. To minimize distractions, you can use the Haikara app to decide which alerts matter to you whether its phone calls, emails or calendar alerts. If you’ve misplaced your phone, simply tap your Haikara twice to make it ring. The watch also comes with intuitive gesture controls.

This is a device clearly designed for the fashion conscious. Rather than focusing on cramming in lots of features, the manufacturers have decided to focus instead on producing a beautiful timepiece.

There is clearly a market for this type of wearable. With 16 days to go, the Indiegogo campaign is well over its $75,000 goal.

Price: $199 and up

Funding open:
$127,916 pledged of $75,000 goal
16 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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Haikara: the fashionable smartwatch

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