Bellafit: transform your wearable device into jewelry

Bellafit: transform your wearable device into jewelry

Fitness trackers are slowly edging into the mainstream. Most of us either have an activity device, or know someone who does. But lets face it, while these gadgets are becoming smaller and more discreet, most of them are far from being fashionable.

A recently launched crowdfunding project wants to change this. Bellafit has created an accessory which converts your Fitbit, Garmin, Sony, Polar or Mi device, into a stylish jewelry piece.

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The Bellafit bracelet is easy to put on with just a flick of one hand. Simply snap it on so that it encapsulates your device. It can even be worn without your fitness tracker, simply as a gorgeous piece of sleek yet structural jewelry.

The accessory comes in Rose Gold, Silver and 14K Gold options, giving you different style and color combinations to choose from. It also comes in three distinct designs in order to fit over popular 20 fitness trackers.

If you want to transform your Fitbit, Garmin or other device from functional to fabulous, this may be a crowdfunding project for you. The bracelet is available at a significant discount right now on Kickstarter.

Price:$60 and up

Funding open:
$10,690 pledged of $15,000 goal
24 days left

Estimated delivery: October 2017

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Bellafit: transform your wearable device into jewelry

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