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SENSATE uses sub-audible sound waves to lower stress levels

BioSelf Technology unveiled SENSATE this week at the TechXLR8 exhibition as part of London Tech Week.

This is a device that tracks and decelerates stress in real-time, allowing the user to achieve a sense of calm. Everyone feels stressed from time to time and this is normal. But it is important to pay attention to how you deal with this condition so that you can avoid any negative health effects.

“I see the need for this technology every day in my clinic,” said BioSelf Technology CEO, Stefan Chmelik.

“Stress has a huge and growing impact on the daily lives of people all over the world, and we have developed SENSATE to directly combat the negative effect that it is having on society.”

SENSATE is a small, pebble-like gadget that is placed against the chest to collect biometric data including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature and mood. This data is fed back to the accompanying smartphone app via Bluetooth, which monitors the user’s biological signs.

Image source: SENSATE

More than just high-tech nagging, the app prompts the SENSATE device to emit sub-audible sound waves which resonate through the body through bone conduction and earphones. The waves are felt through the chest rather than heard.

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The company says, this has been demonstrated to have a calming effect on the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system. Dedicated yoga and meditation practitioners have the ability to control this nerve, but thanks to SENSATE now there is a quicker and easier way.

The device also uses audio-based Brainwave Synchronisation to guide brain activity. Or put more simply, it uses headphones to deliver sounds and music integrated with sound waves that guide brain activity towards specific calming frequencies.

“Regular meditation is well-established as one of the most effective ways to self-manage stress, however few people have the time to learn or practise this important skill,” said Jacob Skinner, CTO, BioSelf Technology.

“SENSATE provides a solution to the growing stress epidemic in a time-poor generation.”

The wearable is not available for purchase just yet, but you can register on the company’s website for updates. BioSelf will also be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube later this month.

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