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Qardio upgrades design and algorithms for its next generation scale

Qardio has announced this week the launch of QuardioBase 2, the second generation of its popular smart scale. The new edition brings an upgraded design and some feature enhancements.

Quardio is known for high quality products. It sells a a number of health and fitness gadgets including QardioArm – a well designed wireless connected blood pressure monitor, and QardioCore – a connected ECG/EKG monitor.

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The first generation QardioBase is a wireless smart scale and body analyzer that combines a unique round design, intelligent features and ease of use to make weight management simple. The upgraded version retains the signature “floating” look but enhances it with a wider base for added stability, thus addressing a common complaint of some of its customers.

A new rechargeable battery has also been added that runs for up to a year between charges. The screen is brighter and crispier and there is a better haptic engine installed.

“In everything we do, it is important to us to combine high accuracy and performance with superior design,” said Rosario Iannella, CTO of Qardio.

“In addition to multiple design awards, QardioBase has been found to be the most accurate smart scale in benchmarks done by third parties and with QardioBase 2 we take it to the next level and make it a beautiful addition to any room of the house.”

Qardio says it has enhanced the sensor system and introduced new and improved algorithms. This means your weight, body mass index and body composition (% muscle, fat, water, bone) measurements will be more accurate than before.

The scale will allow you to track your progress with smart charts, trends, stats and reminders. All measurements will automatically be saved in Qardio’s secure cloud, and you can optionally sync with Apple Health too. There is also a unique Pregnancy Mode which helps expecting moms safely track their progress during this happy time and beyond.

The scale comes in Arctic White and Volcanic Black, and can be purchased on Amazon or Qardio’s website for $149.99. It will initially be available in the US and Europe, with sales in other countries set to begin on September 18th.

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