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A modular Microsoft smartwatch may be in the pipeline

A patent published last month by the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals Microsoft may be working on a new modular smartwatch.

Uncovered by Patently Mobile, the filing shows a timepiece with all the typical functions of a “standard” smartwatch, but with the ability to snap on modules to release additional functionality. This is similar to Apple’s work on developing smart bands that add extra features to its smartwatch. Some even think we may see this debuted with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3.

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The images accompanying Microsoft’s application show a windows-type user interface and a smartwatch with a band formed of a number of modular segments. Additional modules could be snapped on and would boost battery life, add additional sensors or memory.

There is also the possibility the smartwatch could double as a smartphone which would probably mean built-in cellular connectivity and a microphone. Microsoft notes that in addition to a wristband, it is also considering a necklace-type device.

Its been around two years since the tech giant revealed Band 2, its last wearable. In a change of direction, the company has said it has no immediate plans to release a third generation tracker. Lets hope this latest filing leads to another change of heart from Microsoft.

Source: Patently Mobile

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