LunaR: intelligent functionality fueled by solar power

LunaR: intelligent functionality fueled by solar power

LunaR is a new Kickstarter funded watch which, as the name implies, combines a design inspired by the moon along with power harvested from the sun.

Created by a team of developers based in San Francisco California, the watch is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. LunaR will keep you on time wherever you are thanks to automatic timezone adjustments and sunrise and sunset times. There are also some smartwatch features such as discreet notifications for text, calls and social media.

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In terms of fitness tracking, the gadget will keep tabs on steps, distance, calories and sleep (deep, light and time awake). You’ll get a vibrating and visual LED notification when you beat your goal for the day. Because is water resistant there is no need to take it off in the pool, but don’t expect anything when it comes to tracking your swims.

The main novelty for this type of device is, however, in the power supply. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with solar tech company Sunpartners, LunaR has a transparent solar panel which charges the watch when it is exposed to natural or artificial light. There is a traditional USB charger too, but the company says you will almost never need to use it.

“LunaR was inspired by the perpetual cycle of the moon and the sun,” said Gavin Brown, Chief Designer of LunaR.

“We created a device that combines the appealing look of a classic wristwatch with the functionality of a modern smartwatch. And because it captures both natural and artificial light, you could go years without ever needing to charge it.”

With more than a month to go, the Kickstarter campaign to make this watch a reality has already smashed through its goal. The company has high hopes its device will redefine the future of battery management in all smart devices.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open: 

$63,197 total funds raised out of $50,000 goal
32 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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LunaR: intelligent functionality fueled by solar power

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