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Motiv’s fitness tracking ring gets a slew of new functions

A year after its debut at CES 2017, the Motiv fitness tracking ring is about to get some more features.

The ultra-lighweight gadget is designed to help you become more active and improve the quality of your sleep. Meant for 24/7 usage, it allows for a complete view of your lifestyle and health. You get info on on active minutes, activity type, sleep duration, active heart rate, resting heart rate, calories burned, distance and steps. An impressive range of stats that even Fitbit or Garmin would be proud of.

Image source: Motiv

But its about to get even better. Just to be clear, the hardware is still the same. But, at this year’s CES the company gave us a peak in what to expect in the coming months. This includes better sleep monitoring on top if its recently rolled out sleep restlessness feature, social sharing for boasting rights and more accurate tracking of Active Minutes. Motiv also plans to add Apple Health integration and Android OS compatibility.

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The new features are expected to make their debut in the first quarter of the year. The only exception is Android OS compatiblity which is set to land by mid-2018.

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One thought on “Motiv’s fitness tracking ring gets a slew of new functions

  • How do the Motiv updates compare to the upcoming Oura ring? I am in the market to purchase one but I am not sure which. Heart monitoring is my #1 need.


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