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EyeQue launches Insight, a fast and easy home administered 20/20 test

California-based EyeQue has launched Insight, a device that lets consumers test their vision at home. Behind this high tech screening vision tool is a cloud-based technology platform, a smartphone application and a gizmo that resembles a virtual reality headset.

Having regular eye exams is important regardless of your age or physical health. Whether or not you wear glasses today, your eyesight may have changed since your eyes were last checked. This little gadget can be used by the whole family to test for 20/20 vision easily anywhere, anytime.

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The goggles sit atop your smartphone to take you through a variety of visual acuity tests. The patented design mimics the required 20 feet distance to reveal what is considered an industry standard for vision testing, a “tumbling E eye chart”.

The test takes just a couple of minutes to assess the right eye, left eye, and both eye capabilities. The device doesn’t tell you your exact prescription, but it gives you an estimate of how clearly you can see. You can also wear your current set of glasses to test how well they are working. If you aren’t seeing 20/20 with them on, it might be time to update your prescription.

All of the vision test results are instantly stored in the EyeQue Cloud. You can then monitor changes via the online dashboard or through the app, and share with your doctor.

EyeQue Insight can be used by both adults and kids. For children, there is a gamified test with an animated host. With support for over 800 smartphones, the device also addresses an increase in myopia and a shortage of optometrists in certain parts of the world.

EyeQue launches Insight, a fast and easy DIY 20/20 test
Image source: EyeQue

This is the second offering from EyeQue. The company turned to Indiegogo a couple of years ago and managed to raise some $150,000 to fund development of Personal Vision Tracker. This is a a low-cost home-based solution that tests spherical, cylindrical and axis figures, the same values your eye doctor uses to generate a prescription.

The new EyeQue Insight is available now on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

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