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Suunto 9 is a high-end sports-watch that won’t have you worried about battery life

Suunto has announced today the new Suunto 9, a GPS sports watch with awesome battery life.

It seems many manufacturers are not pouring their investment into making smartwatches last a lot longer than they do right now. For example, the Apple Watch Series 3 will last through almost 2 days’ worth of use on a single charge, which is very impressive for all the features it has – but that’s not good enough.

Battery technology is being improved on an almost constant basis, despite a reliance on old fashioned lithium ion technology. Researchers around the globe are working tirelessly to create higher capacity batteries which charge faster, more often and are less prone to failure. And we are seeing gradual improvements.

The new Suunto 9 is a high-end sports watch with awesome battery life
Image source: Suunto

Suunto 9 is a featured packed sports watch that pays particular attention to this problem. The timepiece can run anywhere between 25 hours and 120 hours and that’s with GPS tracking switched on! This is partly accomplished by lowering the GPS power. The Finish company has achieved this thanks to its ‘FusedTrack’ algorithm, which combines GPS and motion sensor data.

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There are also a few predefined battery modes to choose from – Performance, Endurance and Ultra. Or you can create a custom one. When you start a recording an activity, the watch will tell you how much battery life you have in current mode so you know whether to switch to a different mode. This can be particularly useful for ultra-long runners, triathletes, or simply those who tend to forget to charge on a regular basis.

The new Suunto 9 is a high-end sports watch with awesome battery life
Image source: Suunto

Moving on from the battery, Suunto 9 comes with support for over 80 sports modes and it has wrist heart rate measurement from Valencell Inc built in, 100 meter water resistance and a durable design. There is full GPS route navigation, sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm and many other great features. It’s also compatible with the new Suunto app, which keeps a log of all your daily activity and enables you to connect with others in the community.

All things considered, Suunto 9 seems like an interesting offering from the Finnish outfit. Look for it to land on June 26th in black and white color options. The watch is available on Amazon and on

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One thought on “Suunto 9 is a high-end sports-watch that won’t have you worried about battery life

  • yep the battery management is really cool. suunto have some innovative ideas. The FusedTrack periodically turn the gps back *ON* but in between it uses acceleromter to produce a track. that shoudl improve the overal ‘track’ on super long runs/races.

    but the battery management is also geared towards alerting the owner to charge rather than giving the black screen during the exercise, also battery modes chan be switched mid-exercise if the battery is lower than expected.


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