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A second LG Wear OS watch hits the FCC

An LG Wear OS smartwatch has stopped by the FCC a few days ago. The filing labelled model LM-W1319 follows another similar filing just a month ago.

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In May we speculated the FCC filing with model LM-W1315 was the rumoured LG Watch Timepiece. Unlike the company’s other smartwatches, this is expected to be a hybrid that combines mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen.

The physical needles on the display will tap into highly precise quartz movement to show the time. You will also be able to use them for info on altitude, barometric pressure, compass and they will work as a stopwatch. One of the benefits of having a watch-hand combination is prolonged battery life. When the smartwatch element runs out of juice, the analogue bit will keep ticking along.

This week’s FCC documents reveal little so its anyone’s guess whether this is a second smartwatch or a different variant the LG Watch Timepiece. Both the W315 and W319 are Wear OS smartwatches that come with Bluetooth and WiFi, but no cellular.

A second LG Wear OS watch hits the FCC
Image source: FCC

The two devices are also listed on LG’s OpenSource Code Distribution center. They are labelled as mobile devices and run Android Oreo and Wear OS.

It shouldn’t be long before we find out more. Official word on the LG Watch Timepiece is expected by the end of this month.

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