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Fenix 5 Plus release only days away, upgrades include Music, Garmin Pay and Galileo

Pics have been leaked of the upcoming Garmin Fenix 5 Plus from multiple sources. This would indicate that its a matter of days now or perhaps weeks before the product gets an official release. The end of June has been mentioned as a possible launch date, while Amazon Spain lists June 18th as the release date.

Fenix 5 was announced at CES 2017 and rolled out in the Spring. The company usually only has major updates every other year, so we’re not expecting Fenix 6 to arrive until the start of 2019. CES 2019 is the most likely launch platform. We are also expecting a special, incremental edition, to be released this Summer.

This has been more or less confirmed now, albeit by unofficial means. Pics of Fenix 5 Plus have been posted on Reddit and it seems the new watch is coming with built-in storage for music, Garmin Pay, Galileo and topoactive maps preloaded on all models. This is on top, of course, of everything you get on the Fenix 5, the usual hardware fixes, performance improvements and anything else Garmin might have up its sleeve.

The music storage will be ported from the Forerunner 645 Music so expect 4GB of memory which is enough room for about 500 songs. Garmin Pay is finding its way on all new Garmin devices so its not surprising its making its debut on the Fenix range. And Galileo now joins GPS and GLONASS for ever better navigation. Other features include smart notification with quick answers directly from the watch and PulseOX for the calculation of oxygen saturation, but this last one is only for the 5X version.

Fenix 5 Plus photos leaked, upgrades include Music, Garmin Pay and Galileo
Image source: Garmin

All three iterations of the Fenix 5 will benefit from the upgrade. Which means a Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5s Plus and Fenix 5x Plus should all land soon.

To add credence to the rumours, Garmin itself has listed the Fenix 5 Plus on its website. Its Garmin Pay page showed the device alongside Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 645 as the third smartwatch to integrate the payment service. The reference and pictures were quickly removed but you can see an image of the orange band Fenix 5 Plus variant in this article.

Another leak comes courtesy of Amazon Spain. This even allows you to pre-order to new device and lists June 18th as the launch date. The specs mention Music, European Topographical maps and Garmin Pay. The listing goes into detail about a new feature called “Garmin Explore Portal” (translated from Spanish). This is a place to synchronise all your navigation data such as routes, waypoints, and share them automatically with your friends. A useful feature for hikers, no doubt.

The next logical spec is for Garmin Forerunner 935 to benefit from these updates as well. Whether its in the guise of a Forerunner 935 Plus or Forerunner 945 is anyone’s guess.

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11 thoughts on “Fenix 5 Plus release only days away, upgrades include Music, Garmin Pay and Galileo

  • Exactly what I have been waiting for… music and pay on the Fenix… any idea on when it will actually be released?

    • I think end of this month. Its all unofficial though. Garmin hasn’t actually said anything.

      • It will be Monday. The FCC short term confidentiality is up on the manual that day.

      • Just to clarify this information? Will this new update/upgrade improve my Fenix 5 Sapphire? I tend to get confused with all the talk of 5S, 5X and 5Plus.

        • If you need on-board storage for music (or Garmin Pay), yes. Otherwise its not that much of a difference.

  • Finally music. Waiting has paid off.
    My question is the 5X. If all the models are now getting topo, is the 5X just going to remain big because it wants to be big hahha? If it retains its larger form factor, should we not presume it will have more room in it let’s say for a larger memory capacity maybe?

  • Two sites in Germany are listing the 5x plus available for order: lauf-bar and bergzeit 849€. I‘m waiting for DCRs review.

    • Thanks – yes those have the full specs. We should get official word from Garmin tomorrow.

  • Snow and Rock confirmed delivery of the 5plus on Saturday as I walked in to buy a 5x. The manager gave me the heads up that the 5plus will be on sale from Monday so I’ll be back in there this week…

  • Will they add music and garmin pay to the tactix Charlie I bought 1.5 months before this!?


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