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BotBoxer recognizes and dodges your blows

SkyTechSports have announced a new high-tech punching bag. Designed to improve your martial arts ability, BotBoxer works as your personal sparring partner.

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Despite being steeped in tradition, boxing is not immune to technological changes that are happening all around us. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are changing the way we train, and now sensors are changing the way we approach the noble art of boxing.

BotBoxer employs high-speed computer vision and motion recognition to track your every move and spot any oncoming hook or jab from you. The three-motor drive enables it to mimic a live opponent and move away from your fists to escape your punches. It doesn’t get much better when it comes to getting an epic upper body cardio workout! And no, the bag does not punch back.

The sensors inside the bag also read force, velocity and direction of your every shot providing you with blow-by-blow statistics. All this information is uploaded and stored on the Cloud.

BotBoxer recognizes and dodges your blows
Image source: SkyTechSport

The robotic boxing opponent allows you to choose a session for every kind of fighter, from beginner to pro. Use drills to advance your technique or select a program with punching combinations you want to improve. It even allows for customising your own session.

Now to the bad news. Unless you’ve got very deep pockets or are determined to become world champion, its unlikely you’ll decide to spring for one of these. Set for delivery in the Fall it costs a hefty $19,900. Look for it, though, in one of the gyms near you.

“It’s time for gyms to up their game, and BotBoxer is the solution,” said Alex Golunov, BotBoxer’s project leader.

“More than a cutting-edge training machine, BotBoxer is a new-era approach to fitness. No other equipment can assess the speed and power of a boxer’s punch at the same time, and it’s the first gym machine to include upper-body cardio, not just power training.”

While you’re waiting, its worth checking out other, more affordable boxing tech on offer. This is mostly in the form of sensors for your gloves.

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