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Samsung signifies name shift by registering Galaxy Watch logo

It is no secret that Samsung is working on a new smartwatch. Rumours are popping up every few days and now we have what could be confirmation that company will name the device Galaxy Watch.

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The timepiece will be an updated version of the Samsung Gear S3, launched back in 2016. Two years is a long time in the smartwatch world and we were expecting Gear S4 to land sometime this year. While this is clearly still on the cards, a patent submitted by the company on June 20th to the Korean Intellectual Property Office is for a device called Samsung Galaxy Watch, not Gear S4.

Samsung signifies name shift by registering Galaxy Watch logo
Image source: GalaxyClub

Spotted by Dutch website the GalaxyClub, this is not the first time the name has cropped up. But the patent application is as close to official confirmation as we’ve had. The new name would make it fit neatly into Samsung’s existing range of Galaxy products. It could also signify that Samsung is changing from its own Tizen Platform to Wear OS, the software it used on its first smartwatch.

Other rumours point to the Galaxy Watch sporting a thinner and more lightweight design than its predecessor. It will come with the usual upgrades to processor, memory and battery, and will boast LTE connectivity.

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Fitness features will also receive a boost and there is even talk the timepiece will have the capability of monitoring blood pressure. So far no one has managed to come up with a device that tracks blood pressure 24/7 from the wrist, so our guess is this will provide on-demand readings. If Samsung has figured out how to measure readings around the clock, it will be an exciting development.

The Galaxy Watch could arrive in less than a month. Rumours point to a release on August 9th, alongside the Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event. The other option is IFA in Germany in the first week of September.

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