Samsung Gear S3 | Image source: Samsung

Here are 10 things we’ve learned about the Samsung Galaxy Watch

We should have a few busy months ahead of us. Google is working on a new Pixel watch, LG on two intelligent timepieces and with IFA approaching, we’re sure there will be some goodies in store from Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil and others. And lets not forget the Apple Watch 4 which is expected to land in September.

Not to be left behind, Samsung is reportedly working on a new smartwatch. This will be a successor to the Gear S3 launched in 2016 and Gear Sport released last October. The current range is in desperate need for an upgrade, but the wait for the new watch should not be too long.

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The folks over at SamMobile say Samsung has labelled the device with the model number SM-R800 and codename Galileo. Unfortunately, apart this information, they’ve revealed little else. But other sources have.

Here is everything we’ve learned so far:

  1. Its pretty clear the watch will not be called Gear S4. Instead, Samsung has opted to name it Galaxy Watch. This will make it fit neatly into Samsung’s existing range of Galaxy products.
  2. The device could arrive as soon as next month. It is rumoured for release alongside the Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event in New York city on August 9th. The early release might give it an edge over products from other companies which are expected from September onwards. Reports say the timepiece has already been certified in Europe which points to an imminent release. The other possibility for launch is IFA 2018 in Germany, later in the month.
  3. The watch is expected to have the same round faced design, but it should be thinner and lighter than the S3. This should not be a difficult feat considering the S3 is a pretty chunky animal.
  4. Expect the usual upgrades to the processor and memory.
  5. The watch looks set to have LTE connectivity. This allows you to leave your smartphone behind while still staying in the loop on messages and calls. So far, LTE watches have been few and far between.
  6. The smartwatch is also expected to come with better health and fitness features. The S Health app will be getting more in-depth sleep tracking and possibly more.
  7. Some reports even speak of blood pressure monitoring. The company has apparently figured out how to take readings from the wrist. Similar to the way a light sensor is used for measuring heart rate, the new sensor works by shining polarized light and then sensing the intensity of the scattered light. If the technology proves accurate, it means you’ll be able to monitor your blood pressure around the clock directly from your smartwatch. A game changer as no one else has managed this so far.
  8. We are expecting two variants of the new wearable with a Classic and more rugged, sporty version possibly being revealed.
  9. The current Gear S3 includes a 380mAh battery but this will be bumped up to 470mAh. The bigger capacity along with a more efficient processor should extend the 3 days you get on the current generation watch.
  10. Rumours are abound that Samsung might ditch its Tizen operating system and swap it with Google’s Wear OS. This rumour is from Evan Glass, a tipster with a well known track record. He recently tweeted the following: “Seen on the wrists of Samsung employees: Gear watches running not Tizen, but Wear OS.”
Samsung Gear S4
Samsung Gear S3 | Image source: Samsung

No word yet on pricing but more leaks will surface as August approaches. We’ll keep a close eye and let you know when we hear more.

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3 thoughts on “Here are 10 things we’ve learned about the Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Verizon, purposely, dragged their feet bringing the LTE-equipped S3 Frontier to market. In the year I’ve had mine it has been indispensable; what it doesn’t do is update my location to Google Maps when I leave my phone at home. Please just keep at least one version of the S4 as beautifully chunky as the S3 is now since it looks and feels good on my wrist. How much would I like to be able to pre-order a Note9 and an S4 Smartwatch on August 9th (after the reveal)? The answer is, very much.

  • Hope its waterproof and has a built in speaker. A fusion of the S3 and sport mods is all I’m asking for!

  • It seem s like forever to get this to market. I am ready to retire my Samsung Gear as long as the Australian telcos can support the LTE technology with reasonable coverage.


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