Apple’s next Activity Challenge will celebrate Redwood National Park’s 50th anniversary

Apple is preparing to launch an Activity Challenge for Apple Watch customers. This one will fall on September 1st to celebrate Redwood National Park in California turning 50.

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Widely known as home to some of the tallest trees on the planet, Redwood National Park is a complex of several state and national parks located in northern California. The park encompasses vast prairies, oak woodlands, wild river-ways and some 40 miles of coastline. Hiking, backpacking, and camping are popular activities in the area.

This year the park is celebrating its Ruby jubilee. To mark the occasion Apple users will be able to earn a reward by completing any walk, run, or wheelchair exercise that lasts 50 minutes or longer on the big day. As discovered by 9to5Mac friend Kyle Gray, users who who are successful will unlock animating themed stickers in both the Activity app for Messages and iPhone’s Activity app.

On September 1, celebrate national parks around the world and earn an award inspired by Redwood National Park’s 50th anniversary. Do a walk, run, or wheelchair workout of 50 minutes or more. Record your time in the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Health.

These reward is only redeemable on September 1st so make sure you mark the date in your calendar. The Cupertino outfit is planning to send out an alert next Friday both to Apple Watch owners in the US and internationally.

Apple’s next Activity Challenge will celebrate Redwood National Park’s 50th anniversary

It’s been about 5 months since Apple hosted an Activity Challenge in the US. The national-park themed reward follows the Earth Day Challenge which required users to workout for 30 minutes or more on April 22nd. Other challenges issued this year in the US include International Women’s Day Challenge, Apple Heart Month Challenge and the New Year Challenge.

Source: 9to5Mac

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