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Bellabeat launches Leaf Chakra, a wearable for mind-body balance

Bellabeat has launched a new leaf-shaped tracker for women. The Leaf Chakra is a pendant that can be worn on a necklace or as a clip-on accessory. Like the other devices in the range, it has been designed to help you achieve mind-body balance.

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The gizmo follows from the best selling Bellabeat Leaf and Leaf Urban. The novelty of the latest addition is mostly in the design.

Like its predecessors, Leaf Chakra has no screen or buttons. Its optimized for women’s health and gathers data on activity, sleep and menstrual cycle. It also lets you know how stressed you are. You can then choose from about 20 different guided mediations and breathing exercises designed to help you chill. This includes chakra energizing and relaxation techniques.

IFA 2018: Bellabea’s Leaf Chakra is designed for mind-body balance
Image source: Bellabeat

Although the device looks very much like its predecessors and is made from wood composite and stainless steel, there are some design differences. The biggest is that Leaf Chakra is enhanced with healing crystals. This includes rose quartz for the Love version and onyx for the Power version. The fist is said to bring calm and harmony, the second strength and protection.

Powering everything is a coin cell battery. This will keep the wearable going for about six months.

For now Leaf Chakra is only available on Amazon and the Bellabeat website.

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